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March 12, 2010

Baby Daddy doing most of the Nesting for me - so grateful

Just finished doing a whole lotta laundry. Now setting up the bassinet. I've been wanting to make a video of some of the things we bought for the baby, just so my sisters and relatives can see. It sucks that we buy so many cute little baby things and there is no one to really show or share it with. Let's see, maybe if I have time.

I just wanted to make a note here of how blessed I think our baby girl will be to have Sunvi as her father. He is just so amazing. It's unbelievable - here is this guy who just 2 years ago didn't even know how to do his laundry, had never cleaned anything for himself or ever really done any house work, and now he does everything for me - from the dishes to waking up and taking me to the bathroom in the middle of the night. While I write this he is in the bathroom scrubbing the floors and cleaning the toilet. Makes me so sad that I can't help him, being all huge and pregnant. But I am just so proud of him and it just reaffirms my belief that he will not shy away from responsibility :)


Afsana K said...

aww..i know jeej is so sweet!! you guys are gonna be great parents :) :D

Tahmina said...

mashallah .. u r one lucky girl... surprisingly my jamai does all of the cleaning and cleaning equally as much as i do. so inshallah hopefully he wnt have trouble doing them but sunvi bhaiya r tomar jonne anek doa.

Sunvi and Antara said...

yeah....hopefully we will be good parents! i know ull be a gr8 aunt..listen u still havent decided what u want the baby to call u

@tuli...thanks! i do feel like im lucky

Jishan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barsha said...


It is a amazing feeling, when you a person whom u know only for some years, is doing everything for you.You are really so lucky.
I always pray for you.
You know, My hubby thinks, you are the sweetest couple in this world he has ever seen.

Beleive it or not, I always pray for you.
Always pray to Allah. He will help you always.

Big thanks to SUNVI bhaiya, for taking care of apu. Love you bro.
Inshallah, everything will be alright.

Love you.


Sunvi and Antara said...

Thank you Barsha from both Sunvi and I!!! :):):)

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