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March 12, 2010

False Alarms and Nesting

So almost everyday for the last 4-5 days, I have been having contractions that last anywhere from hours to the enitre night. Well last night, the contraction started at like 6pm and where every 20-15 mins and went on for hours and hours. We really thought she might be coming but alas the contractions became irregular throughout the night and were gone by early morning. :(

Anyways so today we are doing more prep for baby's arrival. Doing laundry today, changing all the sheets, vacuuming the floor, disinfecting the bathroom and kitchen, setting up baby's bassinet. We also have to set up the new swing/bouncer seat we bought. Initially we had purchased a separate swing (pink) and a separate bouncer (purple and oh so cute) but then we realized it would be so difficult to carry both back to Canada. So for now, we bought a Fisher-Price space saver swing that should serve the purpose of both and take little space in a suitcase once taken apart.

Oh and my mom's coming tomorrow! Yayy! Sunvi is going to be able to relax a little since he wont always have to worry about me when he is out, but I honestly think he enjoyed the tension. He liked feeling like he was the only one there for me :p


Disha said...

Awww! Sunvi seems like such a perfect husband and father. Really lucky, girl! And baby niece is going to be super lucky with mommy and daddy too. I'm really on tenterhooks waiting for news and pictures.

Glad you started this blog. This way I can get updates right on my feed :)

YusraKabir said...

aww jeej will have a break :P

Sunvi and Antara said...

@ Promy - :) I just wish you and Piyu could have come with ammu too!

@Disha Apu - :D thanks so much for the comment! I wanted to get this blog up and going a month ago but was just so lazyyy. Great to know you'll be reading!!

Tahmina said...

thats so true . bhaiya ektu shanti pabe toamr theke ..god!!!!hahaha but then again u r right too cos he was thru the crucial , unavoided times with u .. be it middle of the night be it day ..:)

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