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April 15, 2010

Labor And Delivery Story - Part 1

WARNING: Proceed with caution. May be unsuitable for anyone pregnant or planning on getting pregnant. Reader discretion is advised. :p

Wow Arissa is almost 1 month old! Just put her down for a nap. She won't stay down long though, so I will try to write as much as possible as quickly (however this may still be very long - 26 hours of labor and delivery is no small matter). This is my 8th attempt at finishing this post and I am going to stop caring about it being well written.

OK so my L&D story. It's pretty scary - it was for me at least. I'll include as much as I can remember but of course Sunvi will have to fill in some of the blanks.
I went to bed on the 20th of March and kind of had a feeling something might happen soon, but I dismissed the feeling because of all the false labor I had been experiencing before. I woke up at 4 am on the 21st with contractions that not only tightened up my belly but also wrapped around into my back, something that had not happened with the braxton hicks contractions. I stayed in bed timing the contractions. First they were every 10 mins apart and by 6 am they were around 7-8 mins apart. Then a little past 6:15 am I heard a pop and a small gush of water came out. I turned over and woke Sunvi up with "Jaan, my water just broke" He literally leaped 3 feet out of bed to the hospital bag and started stuffing in some last minute items. At that moment I was standing by the bed, still leaking, and I found the whole thing so comical. I hobbled over to the bathroom thinking I would leak more and I could hear Sunvi waking up my mom and my mom running around fixing things. It seemed like I was the only one who was calm. Anyways we finally managed to get everything together and call a cab. The whole cab ride I kept praying I wouldn't leak anymore amniotic fluid because that would just be a yucky start to the cab driver's day.

Got to the hospital at around 7. They rushed me in and just as I got into the stretcher, I gushed what felt like a tank of fluid. I was wheeled to the Maternity ward and after checking me we found out I was still only a little over 1 cm dilated. But since my water had already broken, they weren't going to be sending me back home and so they took me to my labor and delivery room - which was more like a suite. It was a pretty fantastic room, huge and very clean :D Also it had a nice lounge chair which I'm sure Sunvi and my mom appreciated. Anyways, my contractions were still not very painful, so I settled in and expected to be holding my baby in maybe 6-7 hours. Boy was I wrong. Since I wasn't progressing quickly, dilation wise, the doctor put me on Pitocin which is suppose to induce or augment labor. What they didn't tell me was it can make contraction much more painful than they would have otherwise been.

Imagine standing in the middle of the train tracks, waiting for a slow speeding train, knowing it was going to hit you, that it was going to hurt and that you had no choice but to take it. Then imagine that train moving faster than you anticipated, not seeing that train until you were already hit, and then getting hit by more moving vehicles from every direction. And each time you think the pain is over and you can step of the tracks - BAM! they hit you from all directions all over again.

A couple of hours after I was put on the Pitocin, the doctor came in to check me and I had only progressed past 2 cm. Another couple of hours later at around 12am, she checked me again and I was still only at 3cm but I was already in a lot of pain and the contractions were coming every 3-4 mins. So they asked me if I wanted an epidural and I said GOD YES! I did not want to know what the pain would feel like once I got near full dilation. The anesthesiologist came in about 40 mins later and started. Well getting the epidural was not fun either :( She couldn't find a good spot and I could feel her poking around in my spine. It was not really painful, more uncomfortable, stingy and weird. Anyways after 30 mins, she declared herself awesome and left. I, however, was only feeling 'awesome' on my left side. I could feel my left leg going numb and heavy while I still felt no different on my right side. I kept poking my right thigh hoping to get the numb feeling but I could still feel everything, including the contraction. It was like the lower part of my body was actually two separate halves only lying side by side. I told the nurse about this and she assured me that sometimes epidurals can take time to spread all over. So I waited and waited and the contractions just continued to become more and more unbearable. And you may think - well at least it was only on one side of your body - well screw you! :$ lol sorry... It still felt like the pain I wasn't feeling on my left had transferred to the right and therefore doubled. And did I mention I was experiencing terrible terrible back labor as well?

At around 6pm, 12 hours since my water broke, I begged the nurse to get me the anesthesiologist again. The doctor came in at around 7pm, checked me (and at this point I no longer cared that she was sticking her entire hand up me) and told us I was progressing slowly but progressing and that I was only at 5 cm. Can you believe it!? What was my body thinking?! Only 4 cm more in 12 hours!! So they decided to increase the dosage of Pitocin :S You can imagine how I felt about that. So I begged the doctor to send the anesthesiologist to fix my epi. Each contraction was coming at around 2 mins and I was just crying and crying for the pain to stop. A new anesthesiologist came in, gave me a booster dose of the epidural and said that should help. It didn't. He was then called in again and this time he tried to reposition the catheter because he said it wasn't in all the way. Didn't help.

This post is a drag isn't it? Well it just gets darker, scarier, more nightmarish, more hellish and more awful in the next 12 hours. I can't finish - Arissa is waking up. I'll do part 2 (and attempt 9 - to however many) ASAP.


Tahmina :) said...

after reading this i m more convinced that i shudnt be having a baby for a while. it is just to scary to read it let along go thru with it !!

Afsana K said...

aww.this is a nice post!..cant wait to read what happens after Sunara came out :D !!

Nowal said...

Wow, you really had a shitty anesthesiologist...
and honestly, i was surprised they put you on pitocin so quickly.
And yes, can't wait to read the 2nd part :)

Sunvi and Antara said...

lol...tuli everyone's experience is might have a fairly easy situation was just bhoye peo na

piuuuu....there's alot i went thru till sunara came out!

nowal...the doc said to put me on it because my water had already broken...i actually hadn't expected it so early (if at all) either...

Nowal said...

I guess you really weren't progressing at all for them to have given it to you then. Personally I wouldn't have gotten one that early on. That just plain sucks :(

I have only learnt of how terrible that feels - especially from maa because I believe her story is pretty much like yours. First child, 28 hours of pitocin augmented labor *Shudder*!

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