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March 10, 2010

T minus 10 days!

Hey Guys!

Wow! It's almost time for us to welcome our baby into this world! We just can't wait. Even though it feels like there is still so much left to do - baby's laundry and disinfecting the house...we just want her to be here as soon as she wants. Every time I jump from a contraction or just the baby kicking, the hubby (Sunvi) jumps up, even when he is fast asleep, and asks me "Is the baby coming?" Lol. He is sometimes even more excited than I am to meet our baby. Anyways alot of what will be posted here will probably be me rambling. But it'll be fun for me! :o)

Will keep posting updates whenever I can. Oh and I am planning on making a small video but I can't find enough pregnancy pictures of me. Hmmm...lets see what I can do.



Tuli said...

plz amader keo tumi tension dao tomar contractions kothe like .everytime u mention it amar pet a hotath twitch kore uthe.llols...

Sunvi and Antara said...

dont worry...ill be fine :)...i think :s

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