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March 20, 2010

Waiting for the little Pumpkin

So it's the 20th of March....Hmmm...The excitement that we were feeling as we neared our due date is now being replaced with anxiety and restlessness. I just don't want to be induced with drugs to get labor going and I especially would like to avoid a c-section. Everyday that she is late, is a day closer to those options. I mean even with the tachycardia which started at my 5th month, even with all the trouble breathing, the chest pains and heart palpitations I haven't considered taking medications or having an early c-section because I want to have this baby as naturally as possible (note: if it were absolutely medically necessary for my health and baby's than ofcourse it would be an option).
Everyone keeps asking when the baby is coming. Well you know what...I would like to know that as well! Yesterday my mom and hubby took me out walking again. People kept stopping on the streets to ask when I was due or to tell me that I had dropped, there was even a lady who just looked at me and said 'push that baby out girl, push JUST PUSH!'. I mean you really think I can just do that? She ain't stuck! Lol Anyways then we stopped at a indian restaurant to have some food and the nice lady there gave me free food because she said she could feel my discomfort and restlessness. Got Sunvi to buy me a papaya and a pineapple and after we got home, I had some papaya and half a whole pineapple (which contains an enzyme called bromelain that is supposed to work like a prostaglandin, ripening and softening the cervix). Still no progress. Walked some more in my room, while Sunvi made fun of me for walking like a penguin (my mother agreed with him and laughed at me too). Still no progress. This morning, I woke up at 6:30 after 3 hours of sleep and lay in bed waiting for baby to wake up. As soon as she started moving around, I tried to telepathically communicate with her and tell her that it's OK to come out now and that even though she is going to really hurt me, she will be completely forgiven :)


Afsana K said...

awww..its ok!..she will come out when she is ready! prolly likes it there:P
omg, so many people ( my friends) told me that their mom's first child (whoever it is)was like a whole week late and its common i guess
oh i got this cute memory book thingy for her

Sunvi and Antara said...

I love you soon-to-be auntie... you still havent told me what you want your niece to call you... and yeah sunvi keeps telling me same thing... that she probably likes it in there and doesnt wanna come out.. and ill thank u for the book when we put her first memory thingy in there :D

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Aana you dont know me i am a friend of Sunvi.. just heard about your up coming bundlle of joy... I am also waiting anxiously for the arrival of my baby boy!!(Due May 13th inshallah so have a little more time)Anyways good luck with the delivery and hopefully you don't have to be induced.. i feel the same that childbirth should be as natural as it can be..keeping in mind the safety of the baby... anyways all the very best and hope to meet u and ur baby in the future :D

Reenat said...

Hi Antara,hope things r progressing well.don't worry inshallah she will come out soon.:)keep communicating with her,it works.I had tachycardia too,i used to have syncop.I had two c section,so don't worry,if docs think its a better option then go 4 it.take care apu.praying for u and the pumpkin.:)

Anonymous said...

hi, it's angela :)
i'm really excited and happy for you! i hear you're still in labour; i hope everything goes smoothly!
you'll have a beautiful baby girl in your arms soon enough :)

Antara And Sunvi said...

:s wow i hadn't realized that more people had commented... sorry for not replying... not sure if any of you will even get this ...but thanks guys for your support ...obviously everything went ok... and i had our healthy baby girl ...THANKS! and hope you continue reading

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