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March 17, 2010

Yesterday was an unpleasantly eventful day...

Note: Sorry if someone finds parts of this post TMI. Also some of the terms may sound unfamiliar to most but some women, especially those who are familiar with pregnancies, are pregnant or have been pregnant will understand I’m sure :) Also, this post will probably be pretty long so thanks in advance to anyone who endures till the end :p

Ok, so I haven’t updated my blog in a few days. Mainly because I have been pretty tired from just being pregnant. Have been having Braxton Hicks contractions every day for the past week. Yesterday (March 16th) started off as a pretty normal day. Got up, ate Mom’s yummy breakfast and sat around till it was time to get ready for my Doctor’s appointment. It is suppose to be my last OB-GYN appointment before the baby comes so I was pretty excited about that. Well my excitement only lasted until I got to the clinic.

The nurse called me in and measured my bp and pulse. My blood pressure was higher than normal (for me around 100/70) at 122/89 and my pulse was at 136 which is pretty high as well. Then they weighed me and I had gained a whopping 6 pounds in 2 weeks :s I was starting to get very concerned about preeclampsia. Fortunately my urine came back negative of protein, but my doctor was still extremely concerned about my pulse. She then sent me up to the labor and delivery ward to get evaluated.

Once there, I went into the triage section and they made my mom and Sunvi wait out in the waiting area. I was then hooked up to fetal and contraction monitors. Waited for the doctor for about half hour. She came in and did an ECG and confirmed that I did have maternal tachycardia i.e high heart rate during pregnancy. By this time, I had also started having some contractions. So, she checked to see if I was in labor, and I was 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced but baby was still at station -3 i.e. not that low. She said that I was probably not in labor but wanted to do some blood test to see if there was any particular reason for the tachycardia. So I waited another half hour till the nurse came in and drew blood (after trying to find my vein for about five minutes). In the meantime my contractions had picked up and were coming every five minutes or so. And I found them even more painful since neither Sunvi nor my mom was there with me. But I decided to endure and wait for the results from the blood test so that I could go home as I was pretty sure it was false labor. After about an hour and a half the doctor came back and said my tests came back normal but then she noticed my contractions and decided to monitor me for another 2 hours!!!

I was so uncomfortable because during each contraction I couldn't even get into a comfortable position as I was hooked up to all those monitors. My back started to hurt to the point where my back pain was worse than my contractions (which were now coming at every two minutes). The situation was even more annoying to me because I was really lonely and wanted my husband and mom there with me just in case I was going into labor. At one point, I called in the nurse and told her I want to go home but obviously I couldn't be discharged without being seen by the doctor. Oh, and guess what - I hadn't eaten in almost 6 hours, which is when I left for the clinic and they wouldn't let me have any food. So, not only was I in pain, extremely uncomfortable and lonely but I was dying of hunger. Sunvi did manage to sneak in a Hershey's bar for me, which I gobbled up before the nurses could see.

Once the doctor got back from her dinner (!!!) she came in and found that the fetal monitor had not picked up on baby's heartbeat for a few minutes when I had turned on my side to relieve my back pain. So, she told me I had to stay on the monitor for another half hour. And then she disappeared for an hour.

She came back and I was still having contractions so she did that painful exam again to find that I had not progressed and my cervix had not changed at all. Finally, I begged her to let me go home and if she said not yet, I had made up my mind to take off all the monitors and making a run for it in my hospital gown. Fortunately she said I could go home as it seemed I was in false labor and after five longgg hours, I was discharged.

Now my mom and Sunvi had the task of feeding me. The first restaurant we went to was fully reserved, the menu for the second one did not look appetizing, and as soon as we walked into the third one they said they were closing. We literally walked around for an hour at 11pm until we found a place that was not only open but also appealed to my pregnant taste buds. We ate and finally got home around 1pm by which time my contractions had stopped (which I knew they would if only I had been allowed out of my annoying hospital bed so I could move around or walk).

Anyways, that's what happened and I am still very much pregnant. Don't know how long she will make me wait till I can hold her in my arms, so I am trying my best to get things moving along. Walked a lot today, tried some squats (by some I mean 2 or 3) and even jiggled and danced (not very gracefully or with any spunk I should add) to try to get her lower and get real labor started. Nothing! :( Ahh well, I guess she'll come when she wants to come.

Oh oh, I should mention it wasn't a totally horrible day because a nurse at the clinic asked me if I was having a girl or boy and I said girl after which she said - well I sure hope she looks like you because you have a very pretty face :D And then we ran into a senior anesthesiologist at the hospital (whose mentor had been my grandfather) and he told my mom her son-in-law looked like a movie star...very handsome! :D:D hehe. And people on the streets kept wishing me good luck and gave me blessings for a safe delivery too (but not entirely sure if they just felt bad for me since I was waddling around like an injured weakened penguin or because they realized I am due very soon) .

Thanks for reading! And please pray that our baby decides to come soon and in good health.


Afrina Tasneem Moutoshe said...

That wasn't a very long blog apu..cuz even when i had finished, i wanted to read more :P

I do pray that you have a healthy baby girl, and she'll be gorgeous anyway since she has a beautiful mom and handsome dad!

Afsana K said... that must have been a busy day for you....i want her to come out as soon as possible bubu! ammu was tellin me abt u walkin and stuff, so you go into labor..haha....cant wait!!

Sunvi and Antara said...

:D thanks Afrina! iA she will be everything I am dreaming and praying for. And thanks so much for reading!

@Piyu - it was a crazy body was aching sooo much..yeah and ammu keeps bugging me to go walking...she just came into the room and told me to get out of bed and walk...I got a tan from all the walking in the sun I have been doing!

YusraKabir said...

ahhhhhhhh! hecticc!
i can't wait to seeee her :) sooooooooooooooooooooo excitedddddddddd

Anonymous said...

the precious thoughts u presented do help the investigation for our group, thanks.

- Lucas

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