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May 1, 2010

NEW YORK - My baby's birthplace

Reasons I will not miss New York:

1. The people are not very nice. Everyone is either too busy doing their own thing or they are just rude, cheap and uncivil by 'locational' nature. Met alot of people, while in Queens, whom I can only describe as Violent.

2. Dirty, Dirty, Dirty. The subways smell like PEE.

3. Getting places takes forever. Each subway ride is like atleast 30 mins plus all the walking even in the subways (especially for a pregnant me).

4. They don't have poutine or shwarma (well they do in Manhattan, but I couldn't go when I craved it because of reason #3).

5. Housing is so expensive. And most places will still have BED BUGS, COCKROACHES, and MICEEE!!!

The reason I will miss New York:

1. Have the most amazing memories there. With Sunvi while I was pregnant and then with Arissa who is a New Yorker and I love her to pieces. No matter how awful NYC was - I spent the most significant 7 months of my life there and therefore New York will forever hold a special place in my heart.

(Keep in mind, others may love NYC and my experiences are mostly based on the particular areas of NYC I lived in)


Nowal said...

Manhattan is the place to be. That's the real NY. And just perhaps the little part of Brooklyn right across from the Brooklyn bridge. Everything else isn't :P
Anyways, good to hear you're back in Canada. Put up some Sunara photos now :P

Sunvi and Antara said...

you're right...Manhattan is beautiful...I used to tell Sunvi...'if only we could have lived in Manhattan...our entire experience would have been sooo different' ...but Jamaica was kinda horrible...had a few bad experiences with the people there too. I now appreciate Canada sooo much more! :) Sunara pics coming soon iA

Afsana K said...

loll bubu,.,ur so funny and cutee!

Sunvi and Antara said...


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