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May 13, 2010

What's in a name?

Knowing a person's name gives you power over his soul...Some cultures (be it real or fictitious) believed so... I, understand the concept, however I don't believe it =) and therefore have no problem answering the question of how we picked our daughter's name and what it means.

Soon after we got married Sunvi came up with the name Sunara. He combined SUN from his name and ARA from my name - Antara - to make SunAra :) and I absolutely loved it. We were going to use this as her first name but I also wanted an A name and something with an arabic background, so we decided to use it as her middle name. So after searching through hundreds of A names I found a few I liked and that were uncommon. After a vote between Sunvi and my was unanimous...Arissa was the winner.

Arissa means Bright
Sunara means glad or joyful (which we had not known when we settled on the name)
Shahriar mean lord, king, royalty

So does it mean our lil pumpkin is going to be an intelligent and joyful little princess? Fingers crossed! lol

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