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June 30, 2010

Baby Babbles =D

Arissa's been baby talking since she was a little over a month old. She says her ooohs and aaahs and she says her eeehs with such emphasis when she is angry, frustrated or super excited. By month 2, she's been saying the occasional ummaah, oppah, and her favourite sound-word is oongah. She says that one quite often and it sound adorably funny :) What's even cuter than the sounds is the amount of time she spends babbling and the tones she uses. She can go on and on for almost an hour and there was one instance where she just kept talking for an hour and half - even we can't go on for that long. And she is sooo expressive - she can baby talk and tell you how she feels using tones and volume. She doesn't cry immediately anymore when she wants somthing, first she tries to 'tell' us. LOL, when she is mad, she actually screams at us, scolds us if we don't listen to her or annoy her (:s god help me when she is a toddler). A couple of weeks ago, she started trying to imitate the sounds for entire phrases! Well one - you'll see in the video =D She is truly a wonder baby...always surprising us with how much energy and personality she has and quickly she picks things up.
*it's suppose to be 'a real quick learner' not 'I real quick learner...' sorry about the typo. Also sorry about the video and audio quality; it just sucks after you post it on youtube!*


Afsana K said...

omggggggggggg...this is soooo cutee!! ahhhhh

Nowal said...

hahaa! awesome! thanks for putting up a video :) hoping we can see more as she gets older.

Antara And Sunvi said...

thanks piyu and nowal....and will try putting up more!

Yusra.K said...

oh my goodnesssssssssss! CUTEST THINGGG EVER <3

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