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June 7, 2010

Beauty and Hygiene vs. Baby and Nap?

Until you have a little bundle of joy who determines the schedule for the day, you will not be able to appreciate the little routines of our modern day lives. Once I used to get up in the morning, empty my bladder, brush my teeth and have breakfast. Now, my day starts with a baby for an alarm clock; she goes off usually between 5am to 6am (only 2-3 hours since she was last put down), and the first thing I do is hold her, then feed her and change her diaper. All this takes a good 30 mins on the minimum and by this time my bladder is crying out for relief. I run to the bathroom and then I think to myself...should I brush my teeth? Am I hungry enough? If I do brush my eat, then I won't be sleepy anymore and what if Arissa falls asleep..I could take a nap with her. Well by the time I've thought about this, Arissa needs to be held and played with and I'm back in bed with morning breath (thank God babies aren't repulsed by it). So I finally end up brushing my teeth when she next wakes up and after the 30-40 min feeding, changing session I can pass her to someone else in the house.

Some days I'm so tired from the constant waking up at night that I don't want to take a shower and when Arissa was first born I think I went 4 days straight without running a comb through my hair. Since it's a struggle to still find time when I 'want' to brush my hair, you can only imagine how difficult it is to maintain a beauty regiment. My eyebrows are hairy since I haven't been able to leave Arissa home to go to the salon and I can't remember the last time I cleansed my face with anything other than water. Forget taking care of my skin! My skin is like a dry, chaffed sponge just waiting for replenishment. Now that I think about it...Maybe I should take this time to do some of the things mentioned above and not write a whine blog...Or maybe I should just lie down and take a quick nap before she is up again.

EDIT: Nevermind...She is up early from her nap...guess I'll have to wait till the next one.
Oh how I miss being able to do things on my own time!


Tuli said...

I just love your honesty !!
but try to do things for urself sumtimes. thats wht i wud suggest. wish i was there so that u cud leave her to me and do these things .. so wish it.. but dnt let urself go making Arissa as an excuse hun .. taile one day u will turn back to these days and be like WHY?sorry i know i dnt have a kid yet but i wud want u to tell me the same things if i let myself go .. please do .. and i love you thats y i m being mean..
one more thing please keep writing ur thoughts i love reading them !!

Sunvi and Antara said...

your right I should..well let me get a bit settled in and then I think I can dedicate some more time to myself...for now my darling daughter is a handful...
and thanks hun... I appreciate you reading them! (K)

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