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June 2, 2010

If one more person says "what a cute little boy" I'm gonna whip them with a car antenna! - Rachel Greene (Friends)

Well, no one has actually said "what a cute boy", but quite a few people have asked me if Arissa is a boy or girl. I could only respond with a 'seriously?' look on my face. Like I can understand them saying that if there were no indications that she was a female but not only does she have feminine features (I think so!), I also almost always dress her in pink or light purple or something very girl like a dress or a onsie with a pink butterfly on it's ass! And most of these people are also told that her name is Arissa. So tell me, who names their SON Arissa and dressed him in pinks and florals?? Definitely not ME! Common people put the pieces together and don't ask me a question with such an obvious answer!

On less annoying news -
Arissa loves watching T.V. LOL. The first time she actually 'watched' the T.V was on May 13th in Ottawa and she watched an entire episode of 'The Berenstain Bears' with unwavering concentration. Today she sat through a hilarious episode of 'The Office' with me. Yay! How many 'Office' lovers can say their 2 month old watches 'The Office' with them? LOL It was soo cute! Although I am going to make sure Arissa doesn't become a T.V addict, for now a little T.V doesn't seem so bad. As my friend Josie says it's the 'Best Babysitter' ....only for the first few minutes =)
(I should probably put up a picture of her watching TV...she looks so cute!)


Josie said...

I love that Friends quote! I use it all the time LOL Most moms would be appalled at you saying that TVs are babysitters but behind closed doors ALL moms let their kiddies watch TV just to get a few moments of rest =D

Sunvi and Antara said...

Your totally right... and it's not like we sit them in front of it for hours...anyways it's just fun now because she is just watches the people and movements...but it's not like she needs to watch tv...anyways I promised myself I wont make a habit of it once she starts getting older..

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