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June 11, 2010

Mommy and Daddy go on a Date!

It's been almost 3 months since we took up our full-time, 24/7, no vacation, contract for life job as new parents to our daughter. And in these almost 3 months, Sunvi and I have spent almost every minute together trying to handle the needs of a newborn. Yet none of those minutes have really been couple time for us. Being a control-freak, it's been hard for me to let go of my baby and be away from her for any extended period of time. Even while I take a shower I feel like I can hear Arissa crying from the next room (she usually isn't crying though). So today when Sunvi proposed that we go out - just me and him - I was a bit hesitant. Leave the baby home, he said. I replied with a 'no way!'. However, I so missed the days Sunvi and I would just go out for a drive or go to a nice restaurant and talk. So after making sure she had a full tummy and was drifting of into a nap, I quickly put on some makeup and heels (after so long! - I think first time in the last 10 months) and we headed out for our First (much needed) Date since becoming mommy and daddy. On the way, I did notice the wrinkles in my outfit that should have been ironed or the spit ups stain on Sunvi's shirt that should have been washed. But we were too busy trying to make it out quick (in order to be back quick) that such things seemed hardly important. Once in the car, I turned over and smiled at Sunvi; I reminisced about the times we took this drive while still just a family of 2 - the music, the long drives at crazy hours of the night, the holding hands and the stealing kisses...all in the front seats of that car. I asked I miss this too much...does it matter that those moments may now be few and far apart?

We sat at the restaurant, chatted and fed each other some food. However, throughout the entire 2 and half hours, my mind kept spazzing into mommy mode and I kept thinking - is she awake? is she crying? does she need me? We did manage to finish our meal and still hold hands and listen to loud music on our drive back; we even bought some DVDs. And as soon as we got home, we ran to our baby only to find her happy and content. She hadn't cried or needed us. We sighed in relief. When I picked up our smiling baby girl, I realized the answers to those questions I asked myself in the car, that it didn't matter that we wouldn't have many date nights. Dates are suppose to be for bonding and getting to know one another and there honestly is no better way to do that than raising a child together. I believe we are parents first and then a husband and wife. No matter how much we may complain, we relish the opportunity to care for and love our baby - even when its at 3am. So regardless of the crazy nights, constantly being tired and hardly ever having time for ourselves - we are more than happy - we are willing slaves to Arissa. And I am sure as she becomes more accustomed to being a little person on earth, Mommy and Daddy will get time off to go on more dates!


Noni said...

You guys are so cute! Hope the little angel is doing well. How is the dhaka weather?

Afsana K said...

awww :)

Antara And Sunvi said...

Thanks =) ....the little angel is doing better now... dhaka weather is HOT! but to be honest is hasn't been an issue for us really... we spend almost all our time in air conditioned rooms or calls or stores.. so its fine :) are you doing?

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