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June 12, 2010

Poem for Thought

My father hung a copy of this poem in our hallway when I was a kid. And as a kid, I remember reading this each time I passed it and trying to figure out the meaning of all the words and sentences. I remember thinking, that even though most of it was beyond my comprehension at that time, this poem held some sort of truth and that my father believed in it's words and that he liked this poem so much because he tried to raise us with as much love, praise, encouragement, approval, generosity, honesty and security as any father ever could. So today, this poem floated back into my mind and I had to post it because I feel that children do learn what they live and that is why many wonderful parents, like my father, try so very hard to impress the good qualities into their children's lives. So the question that this and other poems inspired by this ask is: What is your child living with?

1 comment:

Tahmina said...

I agree with everything but the last bit is questionable cos i dnt think all the time living with patience learns to be tolerant . well atleast its not true for me :( .. i had been patient all my childhood but now i feel all the emotions are coming out as intolerant, insecurity and all the other bad things :(

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