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July 27, 2010

High 'Hair' Fashion

She has big beautiful eyes, gorgeous lashes, an adorable smile, full pretty lips, cute button nose AND a full head of dark, beautiful, silky hair. Not alot of babies have that. We always get compliments on how much hair she has. So what do you do when your baby has great hair? You showcase, decorate and pretty-it-up!

I had been searching for clips and bows and headbands for Arissa long before she was born. But could never find the really pretty ones. After she was born, I looked for them at the stores in Canada and America where we shopped for baby things but no luck. Then we moved to Bangladesh and I was on the verge of asking a friend in Canada to get them and mail them to me (which wouldn't have been fun cause then I wouldn't have been able to choose the ones I liked). In the end I ended up finding a website for these specialty 'baby' hair accessories called No Slippy Hair Clippy; and they ship to Bangladesh. So what do you think I did? I ordered like 20 bows and headbands (still some on the way) in different colors so she has one for every outfit! I got them 2 days ago and I spent the whole day just trying each one on her and I also put on as many as I could at one time. They are a bit pricey, but they don't slip and won't tug on your baby's hair. They are just so adorable, I'm thinking 20 is just not enough =D Next month I'm getting MORE!!

*Update 29/07/10*

Look How cute! Just before bedtime..Bow matched her sleepers

I am loving the clips so much that I put them on Arissa all day long even when she is in her diapers :p

And we took Arissa out with a Bow on yesterday and for the first time a lady came up to me and said "What a cute girl!", instead of "Aww, so cute. Is it a boy or a girl?" Finally she is being recognized for the beautiful baby GIRL that she is! YAYY!! =D


Yusra.K said...

hey eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL, mashalllah !
LOL bubu, u put like 8 on sunara's head, haha

Antara And Sunvi said...

LOL its as many as I could fit on her head... I would have put more if I didn't think that would be torturing her head :) ... show apuni

Josie W. said...

she looks like ella with all those bows in her hair! it's hard not to spend money on them isn't it? LOL

Afsana K said...

loll awwww she looks so cute with all the bows hehehe. shez so pretttyy <3

Antara And Sunvi said...

Yup...Way to easy! LOL

Thanks Piyu

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