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July 19, 2010

One year ago today...

....I was sitting on the toilet seat and peeing on a stick.

Having children was one of the important things we had discussed before deciding we wanted to get married to each other. And to both of us, having kids was extremely important. When Aunt Flow failed to make an appearance in July of last year, Sunvi became very hopeful. I, on the other hand, was not. I just didn't think I could have conceived that month because we actually hadn't tried to conceive that month. And periods are known to be irregular so..I just waited. 4 days went by...still nothing. But suddenly I was somewhat light headed and nauseous in the mornings. Again, I ignored it as my body just reacting to those thoughts of pregnancy that I was having. Then by day 5, Sunvi could wait no longer. He kept begging me to take a pregnancy test. I kept saying "No, what's the point? I'm NOT pregnant." Finally once we reached the 6th day of Aunt Flow's absence, I gave in at 11pm at night. Sunvi ran out, went to nearest open pharmacy and came back with these thin cheap strips of tests (those are the only ones available). My initial reaction was 'If I am pregnant, I don't want to find out on a cheap piece of stick...I want the good that will last so I can keep it till my baby is old enough to show it to." But, after more pleading from Sunvi, just before 12am, I took the test.
At first, the second line didn't appear. I asked Sunvi how long it had been. He said only a minute. So I sat there holding the flimsy 3mm stick lightly in my hands, as not to somehow disrupt the flow of my urine to the back of the strip. At around 2 minutes, I handed the stick to Sunvi and asked him to hold it. I couldn't do it...I was shaking on the toilet seat, secretly praying...asking God to give me a miracle I had dreamed of since I was a young girl. Sunvi kept watching the stick with such if he was willing a second purple line to appear. Finally I gave up. I told Sunvi I wasn't pregnant and he should just throw the stick away. He said "No let's wait till the whole 3 minutes is done". I said no again and this time his no lets wait was followed by "Is that a line?" I grabbed the strip out of his hands and sure enough...there was another fainter purple line! I couldn't believe it. I literally couldn't believe it. While I sat on the toilet contemplating whether it was a faulty strip, Sunvi started doing a happy dance around the bathroom. I didn't know what to do. I started laughing and soon Sunvi and I were just holding each other and laughing and jumping up and down. After a minutes, I ran out of the bathroom and called my mom. She didn't pick up, so I called my sister at work. Afsana, you were the third person in this whole world to know I was preggs. Anyways after that I was able to get a hold of my mom; she was ecstatic. That whole night, Sunvi and I didn't sleep. We held each other and talked about us finally having a child. Of all the possibilities and of all the coming years of happiness. At 6am in the morning, we went out to The Westin hotel, got some breakfast (only hotels have anything open that early in the morning) and then drove around till we found a good pharmacy. We bought an expensive pregnancy test just to make sure the local one really wasn't faulty. It wasn' had given us the great news just as well :)

Today, a year later, our lives have been changed forever. It's hard to imagine we didn't have Arissa in our lives then...that she was just a microscopic little Jelly Bean in my tummy =)


Yusra.K said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ! haha that was fun to read :P

Antara And Sunvi said...


Afsana K said...

lol..i am imagining now jeej doing the happy dance...
yeahh.;.i remember when you called, i was at work and went to thte washroom.and

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