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August 26, 2010

A Beautiful Baby + First Rice Cereal = Screwy Faces

I was all excited about the whole event; finally giving Arissa food that didn't come from The Mommy Milk Factory. We didn't want to start too early so we waited until she showed all the signs of readiness. She's 5 months old now and she practically drools at the sight of us eating food. When we are at the table, she will attempt to grab anything so she can put it in her mouth, and she loves watching us eat...the spoon gliding on the plate, taking off and floating up to our mouths, lips opening, jaws moving...she watches all the motions with envious curiosity. So, today we put her in her 'Feed Me' onesie (which I had been saving for exactly this occasion) and let her try to experience all that for herself.
How did it go? See for yourself...
How cute is this little Pumpkin Baby in that 'Feed me' onesie?
Very interested in the bowl and what was in it
First Taste
Arissa thinking, "What in the world is that stuff?!"
And then thinking, "Wait, I think I wanna try some more."
"But I want out of the Bumbo first"
Crinkled nose, screwy face...she doesn't make that bowl look appetizing at all
"Daddyyy, why are you giving this to me? What is it? Why daddy why?"
"Wait, don't answer. Let me look in the bowl."..."Hmm...I think I want it again."
Meal time time begins


Afsana K said...

LMAO!.i lovee her expressions and the comments u put wit it!...r u gonna b giving her more cereal from now on then?

Antara said...

lol...yeah they are pretty adorable! yup we are starting to give her rice cereal once a day... in a few weeks we will give it to her twice a day

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