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August 20, 2010

Bumbo Bust!

I've wanted the Bumbo Chair ever since I saw it at the Babies R Us we shopped at before Arissa was born. You could put your baby in it as long as they had good head control - Arissa had that almost since she was a few days old. I came home that day and did my research online, like I did for everything I bought for Arissa. Overall, it had great reviews and ooh, those little babies sitting in there with their feet sticking out - too cute!! Unfortunately, we weren't able to buy one before we left Canada because there just wasn't enough space left in our luggage. And then, for a few months, I forgot about the Bumbo. Until I saw my friend Josie's adorable little baby girl sitting in hers. I suddenly remembered I had wanted one for Arissa too. And she hated lying on her back. Since she was two months old, she decided she couldn't be her awesome self lying on her back and whenever we would lay her down, she would curl up her head and shoulders and just hold that position and grunt until someone picked her up or sat her down with something to support her. It was actually quite funny; Imagine a baby doing crunches...only she could hold herself in that position way longer than most adults. LOL! So, when Arissa was still three months old (almost four) we ordered one, hoping it would allow her to sit and be happy without wanting to be held all the time. We ended up paying a total $127 (because of the shipping) for something that, I guess, would have otherwise cost like $45. After three weeks of waiting (it spent one extra week in customs), we finally got it! Yayy, right? Nope!

In those 3 weeks, Arissa learned to sit on her own, balance herself and even move forward to reach things in an almost-crawl stance. For anyone who thinks, we push Arissa into doing things...No, we never do. She wants to do things all on her own and we just help or encourage her efforts. We never needed her to learn to roll over both ways so early or sit so soon, attempt to crawl or do any of the other awesome things she does. She just does them and moves on to the next thing. When we first put her in the Bumbo Chair, she didn't mind. Then she saw a toy she wanted and tried to reach for it and realized she couldn't go anywhere...And that was it. Now, whenever we put her in it, she pushes her bottom up and arches her back to get out. She even tries to lean over the sides in hopes she might topple out! It's really cute to watch her try but then she gets annoyed and starts whining. And taking her out of it just annoys her more. Her thighs are so unbelievably and adorably chunky that they always always get stuck and if you try to lift her out of the Bumbo, the Bumbo kinda grabs on and hangs from her hips. Haha...Sorry, it's just that always makes me think the Bumbo is saying "Nooo...please don't go! I was made for you and your butt for me!"

Now, Arissa has found another, maybe better, use for the Bumbo. She chews on it to relieving her teething discomfort and uses it to hoist herself up into a squatting or standing position. Yup, in the week since Mr. Bumbo arrived, she has moved on to challenge herself to start standing with support!

Sees something she wants but can't reach

Wants out of what she considers confinement
Flapping her wings..thinking maybe she can fly out
Her thighs are stuck, 'Let me outt!' Lol
Hmph! Pouty whiny - I'm-not-happy-about-this-face
On bended knees and shaky legs...
Look at me daddy! I can stand!

*Sigh*, she's so precious! Anyways, my only consolation for having spent so much on something she hates is that one day her future sibling may like it.


Afsana K said...

omgg!! shes standing! lol :D:D ...aww she looks so cute in it!!!

Yusra.K said...

awwwwwwwwwwww! she looks adorable and oh my! shes sooooo ahead of the game, yeaaaaaaaaaaa!
p.s: future siblings YAYAY

Amy said...

Wow! Sounds like my world. We too want to get a bumbo chair because Lainey is constantly wanting to sit upright and not lay down. She'll lay with toys for a total of like 15 minutes - 30 minutes a day. She too has been able to hold her head since I think birth haha. Now she is learning to roll over at 3 months (she has done it a few times on her own - still needs a bit of help though). Seems like it won't be long before we have a crawler. I see a friend's baby that is 8 months old and just crawling and I think.. wow.. are all babes like that? Glad to know there are more quick learners out there!!

Antara said...

=) If you do get the Bumbo, get it soon because I'm guessing Lainey won't want to stay in her for too long once she too start to sit on her own. And doesn't having a quick learner baby just fill you up with so much pride?! :D

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