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August 10, 2010

Why is she my Pumpkin AND my Kangaroo?

I hardly ever call her by her names, Arissa or Sunara names are so much more fun when their babies and I have used soo many...especially cute animal ones, but these are the ones used most often now (more may be made up later :):

As you all can tell from the blog title, I call her my Pumpkin... or sometimes Poompkin...not original but sounds so cute when I call her that.
Anyone who followed my facebook updates while I was pregnant, might remember me starting to call her my Baby Kangaroo (at 4 months)...she was bouncing off my uterine walls while we were having an ultrasound done and she looked like a kangaroo hoping about. so that's where that name comes from.

I also randomly call her Munchkin, Koochikoo, Boobly-Bubbly, Jaantush (means darling) and Jaan Baby (darling baby) and Baby. Actually we use just Baby a lot.


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