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September 20, 2010

Bedtime Buddy

This scrawny raggedy toy, Mousey we call him, is Arissa's bedtime buddy. Arissa treats bedtime like it were the passing into nightmare land, where once in, she would never be able to venture out. She struggles and cries and just plain refuses to shut herself down. Even if she is really sleepy, she'll only close her eyes and continue to make low guttural noises to keep herself at least slightly awake. Then one day, we found Mousey, her cousin Wasek's stuffed rat (yeah I know a mouse and rat are different..Mousy was just cuter than Ratty). She refused to play with it during the day, so I thought she didn't like it. That night, we gave her a bunch of toys to play, including Mousey, with on the bed while Sunvi and I sat beside her and chatted. She played, made noises with her rattles...we would stop our conversation once in a while to play with her. After a while we noticed everything was silent. We turned to look at her...our little angel had fallen asleep all by herself whilst playing with...Mousey! She was clutching his tail, fast asleep beside us. No struggles. Peacefully asleep. We immediately felt awe and excitement that she had somehow managed to fall asleep by herself, and then we also felt sad about not being able to sing and rock her to sleep that night.
We thought it was a one time thing though. Well, it kind of was for the next few days. Then again, last night, she warmed up to her bedtime buddy. And this time we watched. She played with him for a while. 10 minutes later her eye lids started to droop and her head started to bow, all the while caressing Mousey's tail against her face. She started swaying in her sleep. Like she was drunk on breast milk. Soon Arissa was asleep, still sitting, chin against chest, Mousey in one hand, his tail in another (detachable tail...not sure why). It was the cutest thing. We softly nudged her and she lay there looking like she was having the most peaceful sleep. Who knows if Mousey will work wonders again. We don't mind either way. We actually love holding her and rocking her to sleep. Maybe we're even jealous, that sometimes, Mousey does a better job at it than us.

1 comment:

Josie W. said...

awww you should be thrilled she can fall asleep on her own. She's becoming independent woman! Jacob has Bear to help him fall asleep. Bear has been part of our family for nearly 3 years (he started at 1 year old). Trust me; moussy will help Arissa through more things than just sleep. :D You should be glad she will have a 'friend' who will be there for her (unless you lose it) no matter what the situation =D

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