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September 3, 2010

Good Deed for Eid

Last week, I brought out the suitcase with all of Arissa's 6m+ clothing out because all her other ones were getting to small (yep! she has suitcases full of clothes because our massive closets and cabinets don't have enough space for it all). I'm the kind of person who can attach sentimental value to almost anything when it comes to my baby girl. Everything she ever wore, touched, pooped in, or spit up on, was precious to me. Even if she never got around to wearing something or using something I still feel like I must keep it because they were 'meant' for her. But since the events mentioned in the last post happened (to read click here), I realized that Arissa has an abundance of clothes, and the ones that don't fit her anymore will probably lay in a suitcase for years and years until they get old and ugly. Most have served their purpose with Arissa, some were never even given that opportunity. So I decided to take all of Arissa's Newborn sized and 0-3 month clothes - minus of course the ones that were gifts, that were way too cute to part with and ones that truly had sentimental value or an important memory attached to it - and give them out to any small baby I saw in the streets. Sunvi and I went out one night and drove around. That night we gave out a bag full of clothes to their poor mothers. The mothers' faces would light up as soon as they realized what I was giving them and they were extremely grateful to finally be able to put clothes on their naked babies. One of the mother's had a baby boy and I told her that I wasn't sure if she wanted them because these were girl clothes (silly question now that I think about it) and she replied, "We have NOTHING, to put on him. This is more than enough." Pre-Eid festivities are going on here and all the people that do have money are so busy shopping and buying new things. It felt amazing being able to give these little beautiful babies something, to at least wear on Eid.

This mother was begging on the streets with her baby, and the little girl was just so cute I told her mother to come over to our house so that I could give her some clothes. I came home and took out some of Arissa's new clothes (most of the old ones I had given away), grabbed my camera and went downstairs. Look how cute this little girl is!
She smiled for me! =)


Nowal said...

Aww, that was really kind of you Antara. Makes me proud to say I am related to you.

Antara said...

Awww...Thank You Nowal! :)

Afsana K said...

oh my god bubu, that is so sweet of you guys. Really thoughtful :) <3

Sazia said...

i'm proud of u antara...that ur my bro's wife...luv u

Antara said...

:):):) thank you Piyu and Apu!!

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