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September 22, 2010

Happy 6 Month Birthday My Baby Kangaroo!!!

Dearest Arissa,

You are 6 months old today! My God, how time flies. Flies too fast I would say. You're growing up so quickly, it scares me sometimes! You've learned so much this last month and everyday has been such a joy with you, watching you do new things and develop more and more into a tiny little person. Let's see what you've been doing since your 5 month birthday (this letter is going to be long, but its not my fault...there's just so much baby awesomeness to tell you about).

Before you turned 5 months old, you were already a pro-unsupported sitter and you could also pull yourself up into a standing position. Few days after your 5th month birthday, we discovered you are a tongue roller - like Mommy; Daddy isn't too happy about this because no matter how hard he tries (imagine him trying to roll a tongue that just won't roll!) he is the odd one out in this club. 

Getting you to sleep is like a battle. No matter how sleepy you are, you almost always fight it. Your Daddy says it's because your so smart and you do a lot of thinking for your little brain and it gets hard for you to turn your brain off when its time to sleep. You've also started this new thing where you can't hardly ever fall asleep without holding my nose like a honk horn, sticking your thumb up my nose or wrapping your fingers into my hair (my postpartum hair loss has doubled at your hands). A few times, I've refused my nose or taken your thumb/fingers out of my nostrils and tried to give you my finger to hold on to (like before). You would get so mad at me and start screaming until I offered my poor little nose back. Sometimes when you wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare, you keep your eyes closed and try to feel for me in the dark. When you can't find me you start to cry and as soon I pull you in close to me, you find my nose and go back to sleep. Speaking of nightmares, you dream/have nightmares quite a bit. Your Daddy and I often get surprised when you start laughing and giggling in your sleep; we get very sad and worried whenever you whimper and cry out in your sleep...if only we could go into your nightmares and cuddle you up and erase away your fears (whatever they may be). Sometimes when you wake up before Daddy and I, you sit up and try to wake us up by slapping our faces. If that doesn't work, you roll over onto your back again and kick us. 

Oh... and you sing! Well, more like hum and go aaaah oooh...but you do it with a tune. The first time it happened was on August 31st, while I was humming Silent Night to you and rocking you to sleep. Suddenly, between sleep and wakefulness, you started humming with me! It was one of the most beautiful sweet moments ever! And now, whenever we put on a song that catches your attention, you put in your own aaaaahs to it.

This last month, on September 2nd, you also said your first words - Mum! I was so so soooo happy. You were hungry and decided to look right at me...stretch out your arms and say mum mum mum mum...out of nowhere! Your Daddy was very upset and probably would have denied your first words weren't Dada or Baba or Abba if he hadn't been right there holding you when you said mum. He just couldn't take that away from me :p But he hasn't been upset much since you decided to say Baba and Abba 5 days later and have been saying Baba/Abba 95% of the time you talk. Your mum mums are rare now :( but was your FIRST word! :)

And when your breastfeeding, you like to 'lovingly' claw and pinch my breasts with one hand and use the other hand to hook you fingers into my lower lip as if you were hanging on for dear life. I've tried pursing my lips but that only leads to you scratching them and my chin up until I give in. OH! a big one - you've started solids. We decided to give you rice cereal a week into your 5th month. Mommy would have held out longer and just offered breastmilk till you were at least 6 months but for the last month and a half, you had just been going crazy at the dinner table, trying to reach out and put everything we had on our plates in your mouth. You're a good eater, regularly nursing and making a wonderful mess whenever you get solids. And you never refuse the one meal of rice cereal we give you. However, this last month you only gained barely half a pound :( At first I thought you were eating less, but then after observing for a few days, I realized its because you're just so active that you probably burn up ALL the calories you eat. You just don't sit still - EVER. 

You're always trying to do something, reach for something. When we put you down or lay you down, you roll over and sit up. When your sitting up, you try to reach for things around you. When you reach for things, you crawl. Once you're done crawling, you try to hold onto whatever you can find to hoist yourself up. And just yesterday you started taking a few steps with support. Good God! I just read what I wrote. Do you realize how much you've learned in this last month!!! You learned to roll over into a sitting position, to crawl and walk with support. These are things most other babies your age are not doing! I wish I could make you to slow down a bit. We are having a hard time keeping up with how quickly you move from one milestone to the next. I remember that it was barely 24 hours that you learned to crawl properly, and you were already racing from one end of the bed to the other end. Where's that little baby who was so dependent on her parents to do everything for her? People are often surprised to hear about how advanced you are and how quickly you pick up things. I feel like you're becoming a toddler too quickly. Don't get me wrong. I am super duper proud of you, proud that YOU are MY baby. Somehow, God, Daddy and I created a really active, really intelligent, strong little human - full of personality, energy and life. We are actually glad that you aren't a calm and quite little baby. You've been a handful since birth and we love that you are willful and ambitious and have been holding your head up since the moment you came out of me :p Well, I try to tell you to take your time with growing up, to stop pushing yourself and to just be our little baby for a little while longer - but I doubt you know or care about what I'm saying. You Daddy wants you to keep going..I think he is going to start trying to get you to walk soon :S

Few more fun facts about you:

You really love being held and carried. You hate, and never do, sit still. This last month you've learned to treat the people in this house like your own personal horses. Whenever we pick you up, you kick your heels into our sides and keep kicking until we start walking. Once we stop, you start again and we must gallop for you.

You absolutely hate clothing and diaper changes. At first we thought you just wanted to be naked all day long, but then we realized that wasn't it. You just wanted to give us hell. It's literally a battle every time we put on AND take off your clothes. During diaper changes, you act like we are torturing you. During poopy diaper changes, you also like to roll over and smear your wonderfully colorful poop everywhere. You did that this morning and I had to grab your poopy bum in order to stop you from crawling away.

You don't like strangers and don't like going to people's houses. If we take you out to the grocery store or a crowded restaurant, you're fine. No crying. As long as we hold you, you're content. However, as soon as we take you to someone's home, something in you goes off and you are usually in a crappy mood until we get back in our car. You are so adorable, everyone wants to hold you. However, you hardly allow them to for longer then a few seconds. Few lucky ones have been able to hang on to you for longer (we are still unsure as to how you choose the ones you like enough to let hold you). One person even had to bribe you with her bracelet, before you let her hold you. Whenever we are out to an unfamiliar place or with unfamiliar people, you are really guarded and hardly ever show other people your wonderful personality. You reserve your smiles, laughs, giggles and babbles for the people you know and love most.

In the mornings, you're extra sweet and wonderful because you are just so happy. Its the time when we can really tell how much you love your Mommy and Daddy. You give us a million smiles and let us squish you and kiss you as much as we want. You are less tolerant as the day wears on.
You have a fiery temper, unfortunately I think you get that from Me. Once, while you were nursing, your Nani called from Canada and I stopped feeding you for just a second to go grab the phone. You got so angry with me for interrupting your meal, you screamed and squirmed for 5 minutes. When you started to nurse again, you were still angry and would latch off for a few seconds every once in a while to scold me and slap my breast. Sometimes, your Daddy gets really really scared and worried. He isn't sure how he will be able to handle two hot headed women under the same roof. Hehe. We love him. He's a spectacular father and husband. 

You no longer drink anything from a bottle. Actually you haven't had any milk from a bottle in the past 2 and half months and you even refuse the sippy cup. You have gone straight to drinking out of a regular cup. I know....saves Mommy a lot of trouble! You sip little sips of water from a regular grown up cup and it looks so darn cute when you do it.
When you are done your nursing, you get up and simply crawl away. We find that very funny. 

You love your Daddy and Daadi (grandmother) very much. Your Daadi is the rock you love to climb and hug. Your Daddy can make you laugh more than anyone else; he can say the oddest most un-amusing word and you would still laugh your head off as long as he does it in a squeaky voice. You are always happiest playing with him. Daddy hates leaving you in the mornings to go to work. You love going for drives. You try to keep your eyes on all the lights but they pass you by. Daddy and Daadi think you love them more than me. But the truth is, when your hungry or tired or sad or scared or get hurt - you always want your Mommy. You find the best comfort in my arms and I find the most peace when I'm holding you.

You love your jolly jumper, hate your bumbo chair and you would choose a remote or cellphone over a toy. You put everything you get your hands on in your mouth. You can open the Velcro straps on your diaper and crawl around with half your bum sticking out. You've spent an entire day blowing raspberries and spitting everywhere. Maybe you think Mommy and Daddy spend too much time on the laptop, because you like to crawl over to the laptops and bang on it. And when you realize it won't break, you grab the lid in your tiny hands and close it. 
I gave you a hair trim, and now your hair is all uneven. I know you're not angry with me about it; if only you had sat still! We are also discovering you are a true ARIES personality (before you were born, we checked out Aries and it said a true Aries is always ahead of the pack, getting to the highest places before anyone else, excelling in whatever you put your mind on doing).

Daddy bought Mommy a fancy new camera! I now spend a lot of time taking photographs of you. You are the most beautiful adorable model I could have asked for. And I've gotten pretty great at taking photographs =D

Arissa, you are pretty awesome. All the little amazing things you do are the highlights of our days. Even if you didn't do all that, just a sweet little smile from you would be enough. We love you more than you could ever imagine and love spoiling you with attention. Although I am really excited about your 1st birthday, I wouldn't mind if the next 6 months didn't go by as fast. Thank you so much for the last 6 months...even though its gone by so feels like we have already lived a whole wonderful lifetime in it. 

Love you Forever,
Mommy (and Daddy)

p.s I promise to finish writing my 2,3,4,5 month letters to you soon (or at least before you are old enough to read them). Don't worry, I have all the dates and milestones written down. And your Fupi and cousin are coming from Canada tomorrow - meaning more people to love you.


Nowal said...

Aww that was such a sweet letter. Proud of you for documenting this Antara, you really make a wonderful mother.
Happy 1/2 birthday Sunara, slow down, you'll be happier for it in the long run :)

Nowal khalamoni

Amy said...

This letter is good. Lainey, my daughter is almost 5 months old. I can't believe how time flies. She is just now trying with every bone in her body to sit up. How long was it that Arissa sat up after trying? She just mastered rolling over too, & also wants everything she touches to go to the mouth. They grow up too soon huh?

Afsana K said...

LOL thats so cute what she does with you nose haha; aww she actually hums, i wish i could hear her :|
aww shes growing up so fast, already saying baba!!
haha ofcourse she got ur temper bubu :P !
shes growing up soo fast. Happy half bday sunara!!! muahhzz <3

Sarram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarram said...

Hi! I happen to be a school-mate of Saquib Bhai as well as a fellow iba-ite (albeit much junior to him). I have been following this blog over the last few months and it has provided me with some of the most joyous reads of my life. The way you two have grown up yourselves with the little angel is amazing. Reading this letter brought tears to my eyes and for once I wished if I could have been a parent. I wish you both a very, very fun and happy parenthood! Little Arrissa could not have asked for more!
For Little Arrissa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! enjoy crawling around, and the sweet dreams you have. Be the bundle of joy to your parents because they love you sooooo much!
Lots and lots of hugs and love for you!!
Sarram (incidentally a fellow Aries :) )

Antara said...

@Nowal - Thank you Nowal! For me...nothing beats being told that I'm a great mother :) And she is showing no signs of slowing down!

@Amy - thanks! Arissa could sit in the tripod position around the time she was 4 months old and she mastered sitting unsupported by her self on August not 4 and half months yet..the tripod sit, she could do in one day of trying...Lainey sounds like Arissa..a quick learner..Arissa also puts EVERYTHING in her mouth :)

@Piyu - thanks...yeah she is a cutie and she is growing up too fast :( but at the same time I'm so proud of her...and you should see her temper..she is so stubborn too..I'm going to have to learn to control my temper or else we will have wars when she is old enough to get into arguments with me lol

@Sarram - your comment brought tears to MY eyes! ..thank you for such a sweet and thoughtful comment. I'm glad I have a reader who really does enjoy reading what I write. Hopefully, one day Arissa will be able to read these comments too and appreciate how hard we work at being the best parents to Arissa and how much we love her. iA you'll be a wonderful parent one day too!
Take care and hopefully you will keep reading :)

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