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September 10, 2010

Orange Juice

Sunvi and I sometimes fight over Arissa. They aren't bad fights. We just playfully argue over who Arissa is more like or what we would like Arissa to grow up into. I want my baby girl to grow up and be compassionate and giving...with the right balance of 'feminism' and ....(honestly can't think of a better way to say this) femininity. Sunvi wants his daughter to be a leader...someone competitive, intimidating and always ahead of the game. Few days ago, when we started discussing her budding personality, Sunvi claimed Arissa was definitely going to be what he wants her to be like because she is always ahead of the game when it comes to doing baby stuff, and the only reason she is so incredible is because she's got more of his side in her than mine. I said what the heck are you taking about!? If anything she is the way she is because of me...I carried her in my womb and nourished her and made her awesome! (lolll i knoww..) Then Sunvi said this:

"I'm the orange juice and you're the glass." ...I said, "huh?" ...He said "Well, I was the juice...with all the good stuff and you were just the vessel to carry it in." ....The nerve! I didn't know whether to smack  him over the head of calling me nothing more than a vessel or laughing because he had used orange juice as the analogy! Anyways, I first won the argument..and then I started rolling on the floor laughing.


Afsana K said...

LMAO!! nice analogy jeej!

Amy said...

haha :o) That is funny, you should have replied that you were giving her the good stuff everyday. Haha and it definitely isn't from him! Jeremiah and I joke like this too about some things with Lainey too.

Antara said...

I did! lol...that plus some more winning facts and I won the argument =D

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