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October 22, 2010

7 Month Birthday Letter!

Dear Arissa,
Hi my little pumpkin pie! You are 7 months old today…and you just get more beautiful and more amazing by the day. This letter is going to be a very long one too. It’s just that you do so many cute things and if I don’t write them down, I’ll probably forget some day. On my ‘Arissa Calendar’, there is a little note written for each day; because each day you’ve either done something new, something too cute or something amazing or funny. So here is all that from last month:

We had a 6-month/half-year birthday party for you with just a few of our family members. Even though it may seem like a bit too much to have a 6-month birthday party, I decided I wanted to have that little celebration for you. How could I not? You are growing up way too fast and it seems like in the past 6 months you’ve grown YEARS!! Babies learn so much in the first years of their life...shouldn’t part of all that learning take 6 years…not 6 months!? Anyways here’s a picture of us from that day and a picture of you trying to eat/destroy the cake.

You now eat fruits and veggies. Most of the time you enjoy your non-breast milk meals and I always find it adorable when you open your mouth for another spoonful. There are those days when you would rather have fun than eat at mealtime. Those days you keep the mush in your mouth and spew it out when you try to laugh at whatever your Daddy is doing to try to get you to swallow. You're very clever too, you don’t let us feed you more than you want. If we try, you keep the food in your mouth and wait. Just when it seems like you’ve swallowed it and I can give you another spoon, you spit the food out onto the spoon I’m holding to your lips! Its quite funny. The beautiful mealtime messes you make now come in yellow, orange and greens. Judging from your facial expressions, you seem to prefer vegetables over fruit, which I find odd. I think you’re going to be like you’re Daddy; he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth…will spicy and savory be your thing? Well, I’m happy as long as you’re eating from the fruits and veggies category and not complaining…(I wonder how long that’s going to last…)...Oh! And we bought you your first highchair! Its orange...but we still like it :) 

You got 2 pearly whites! After almost 4 months of teething and biting EVERYTHING including Mommy (:s)…on October 2nd, your first tooth surfaced. The days before you tooth surfaced, you became were more restless than usual, just cranky and fussy all day long. This continued until the first one came out. It looked like a little diamond pointing out, very sharp too. Then it got worse. I felt so helpless because it was obvious you were in a lot of discomfort. Even Tylenol wasn’t helping. The entire week until the second tooth followed, you spent the nights just rolling around, crying, not being able to sleep even when you could no longer keep your eyes open. But you’re better now and you’ve got 2 bottom teeth now! Sooo cute when you smile! Can you see them in this picture?

You completely, no exception, love ANYTHING your Daddy does, be it a silly dance, a squeaky noise, repetition of a made up word, a peek-a-boo face or just plain tummy kisses!! You will laugh and laugh till OUR tummies start hurting from laughing with you! You are just so full of giggles!! You can laugh for hours at the crazy silly things your Daddy does. One of the most precious nights your dad and I have had was the night you were giggling with you dad and suddenly you crawled over to my and buried your face in my chest. Then you would lift your head again, wait for your Daddy to make another funny noise and when he did, you would squeal and quickly bury your face in my chest and laugh. Honestly it was the cutest thing we’d seen you do and after another half hour of giggle-hide-and-seek, you got exhausted and fell asleep on my chest. That night you made both Daddy and Mommy cry; we were just so happy…feeling so incredibly blessed to have you and have experienced that kind of joy and laughter.
You are still extremely active. You are like those wind-up baby dolls that will just crawl as soon as you place it on the floor! When your awake, I don’t think there’s one moment while you stay still. When you get up from your naps, you quickly crawl to the edge of the bed and look down. There are some times when I think you understand that you can’t go over the edge, its not right. But other times, it seems like if I don’t stop you, you WILL go over! 

Subtle movements always catch your eye – like a page in a book flapping or a loose string on your clothes or a tiny dust ball rolling around a corner in the room. When you are close enough, you rush over (crawl over) to investigate. Sometimes, we catch you in time to stop you from hurting yourself…sometimes we don’t notice and few minutes later find you quietly sitting with your back towards us, either inspecting the object very closely or chewing on it very discreetly, like a small lion cub.
You never give up. You are one adamant little baby! You will just keep trying to stand for as long as possible. You will hold onto something - many times its my hair…oh how it hurts when you yank on a few strands and try to stand up, often there isn’t enough and you get so frustrated, you keep yanking and yanking till I’m almost crying in pain trying to free the few hairs that I have left that have been twined around you little fingers! - and just pull yourself up and fall back down on your diaper-padded bum. You’ve done this around 30 times in a row until you were able to stand for 10 seconds. Then you were satisfied with yourself. Now you can do 10-15 seconds.

You also got you first head bump few days before your 7-month birthday. I was so scared at the sight of that huge bump (which appeared on your forehead in almost seconds) that I started crying with you. Everyone tried to explain to me that ALL babies WILL get hurt – I can’t prevent everything; it’s still hard to accept. I mean I still use hand sanitizer or wash my hands when touching someone else baby because I don’t want to be the one of spread some sort of germ to another person’s baby. Yet, I allow others to touch you when they clearly should have washed/sanitized their hands prior to. See, I don’t control everything!

Few more interesting things about you during your 6th month:

You got surprised and giggled a shy giggle when you unexpectedly, and quite loudly, burped :o)

I tried saying ‘NO’ to you to teach you that when I say ‘NO’, you should not do what your doing. Well, I guess you still to young to understand that because both times that I’ve tried, you smiled at me, like I’d just said ‘Yes! Good Job’ Hehe

Daddy had to take apart your swing and play gym because its been months since you've used them. I was so sad that confirmed that you really were growing up to fast...weren't you supposed to be able to use those things till your at least 10 months old?? Well, we are planning on replacing them with new things you might enjoy. 

When I take something away from you that doesn’t belong in your mouth, you ALWAYS throw a 5-10 second tantrum…only that long. Then you move onto something else.

You love music and you love humming along with a song. So far your favorites are ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift and ‘Like a star’ Corinne Bailey Rae. You love when I dance with you to Miley Cyrus’s ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ and you are completely mesmerized by The Yiruma version Bella’s Lullaby.

I tried to get you to repeat Mum Mum after me but you would just keep saying babababa or dadadada…and after 20 minutes, I gave up. Then you got sleepy and decided to say Mummummummum until I picked you up. :)

You like it when your Daddy takes you to the rooftop and you can see birds…well crows mostly…ugly things…but you like to watch them. Sometimes ooohing as they fly away.

Sometimes you snore! Hehe…when you read, will you be like, “MOMMM!! I can’t believe you would write that and share it with everyone!” It’s ok baby…even when you snore it’s one of the cutest noises your Daddy and I have ever heard and we love silently listening to it and laughing J
 *Taken straight from facebook status update - Its astounding how different my baby is at home and when outside...We just got home from 3 hours at Sunvi's friends house and the entire time our baby cried. As soon as we got home...She started screaming in delight and started jumping up and down as soon as she saw her grandparents and aunt...She was just so excited t...o be back home and she hasn't stopped smiling and giggling*

You hate small spaces, strange crowded places and you absolutely hate being alone. Once you woke up and couldn’t find me beside you, so you thought I had left you alone. But I was actually sitting on the floor by the corner of the bed. I watched you – you looked around to try and find me and then stared at our bedroom door for a few seconds and curled up your bottom lip and started just sobbing…like Oh my God, I can’t believe Mommy left me alone. It was so sad! Anyways I got up and quickly picked you up and you held me tight. But just so you know, we never really leave you alone, EVER. I love being with you almost every minute of the day and I think I have even more separation anxiety than you do. :)

Its October…I wish I could take you back to Canada. I would put you into your Baby Bjorn or into your stroller and just gone for a nice loonnggg walk to the park by Riverside. You would have gotten to see all the pretty colors, and heard the crunch of the leaves…might have even been able to catch a falling orange maple leaf. It would have been perfect. I know you won’t remember or care…but I’m sorry we don’t get to experience nature more. I’m sorry I can’t take you out everyday, even if it’s in our back yard, and just let you enjoy the fresh cool breeze of autumn. I guess some people might say to take you out to whatever park they have here in Dhaka, but its just not the same…the weather is icky and humid, the air is super polluted, the grass just isn’t green enough and the leaves just aren’t vibrant enough. But these are my regrets…you, I’m happy to say, are a very very happy little baby (well, only not when you go to a crowded place and strangers are always trying to take you and hold you)! We love you pumpkin pie!

Love you forever,

p.s. Mommy is really sick today. So forgive me if there are a million errors in this letter. I have a terrible sinus headache, sore throat, congestion and a runny nose. I feel like everything’s a blur. Yet, I’m still writing this for you (while you're trying to climb my hair...Mommy's no Rapunzel!)… your dad says I need to rest and this isn’t that important. But when I lie down, the headache gets worse…so I would rather try and finish this for you on your birthday. Are you going to grow up and love me for how dedicated I am to you, or will you think I’m neurotic? ..…

*Also, I left the laptop open and got a drink of water, when I turned around this is what you had typed onto this letter:
]’[ [566666666666666666666666666666666tgggggggggggggggggggggggggggtggbttptyg:?vb knm


Afsana K said...

aww..thats so cute!
take some videos of her..we wanna see her eat and laugh and stuff..
aww, she already eat fruits and vegetables ..thats good!
i lovee her 6th bday cake..i wish i was there too
i miss you guys so much
anyways, hope u feel better bubu.
i like ur autumn background, but its so colddddd here :| loll

Yusra.K said...

i missssssssssssssssss you guys, grrrrrrrrr I WANNA BE THERE SO BADLY WITH HER :'( :'(
OMG shes growing u[ so fast, it's insane!!!
omg shes soooooooooooooo cute, ahhh mashallah <3 <3 <3
i can just imagine her face when she reads this in her school years, hehe :P
feel better bubu, and rest !!

Antara said...

@Piyu...I have tons of video of her...even when she crawled for the first time..its just it take so long for the videos to upload and the electricity keeps going out...anyways will try...and her bday cake had a baby kangaroo on it :D...the autumn background because i miss these colored leaves!!

@promy - she is growing up fast..i wish u guys cud come here and visit!! love you guys!

prema said...

Masallah akta kothae so sweet akta baby....Doa kore baby sob somoi amon hase khuse jano thake.....:)

Antara said...

thank u prema :)

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