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November 23, 2010

8 Month Birthday Letter!

 Dear Arissa,

Happy 8 months Pumpkin Pie! Since turning 7 months...till've become quite a handful. You're already more toddler-ish than baby-ish! And that makes me kind of sad and to be honest, very nervous. This last month, your Daddy and I have given at each other many silent panicked looks. Why? Because you are not a are...well let's say 'an aggressive communicator'. And one day you realized that you have a voice and so whenever something isn't going your way, you will scream the most brain-rattling scream a 7 month old can scream and not stop until you are satisfied or we've managed to direct your attention elsewhere. The first few times you did it, we were so startled we just gave you what you wanted. But now I am trying to be tougher and not give in. It's hard for me baby, because now I have to try to discipline (guide towards good behavior) an 8 month old...I didn't think I would have to do that till you were at least close to 1. But in the coming years you'll find I have ZERO tolerance when it comes to rude, misbehaving, disrespectful children. So whenever you start screaming, we say shhhhh...or NO and we don't give you the toy or whatever you want until you've calmed down. Sometimes you'll growl at us when you're annoyed...yes, you actually make this low grrrr noise deep in your throat. It's like you're a little lion cub :) 

This last month your separation anxiety has increased to the point where you will start crying whenever we go to someone's house and continue until we are back home. You are fine when we go out to the shopping centers, so its not that you don't like unfamiliar places or crowds completely. You start crying whenever the people at the new house attempt to take you from our arms or makes eye contact with you, I guess you think they are going to take you away from us. So now its gotten even more difficult to take you out. Oh you are also 10x more restless than before! Even when we are out to restaurant, you will no longer sit still even for a minute, you want to stand up or crawl around or do something besides being still.

You like climbing into things and crawling under tables and chairs. If we make a 'tunnel/bridge' with our legs spread apart, you love to crawl through it. You love standing and can do it without any support! You'll just lift yourself up without even touching the floor and you can stand steady for over 1 minute at a time. We've figured the only reason you don't push yourself to walk (actually you do when you are standing, but you aren't as aggressive about it as you were about learning to sit or crawl or stand) is because you can just crawl over and be where you wanted mobility when you were reaching all your milestones months early and it was because you wanted to move around whenever you wanted. So we are glad actually...take your time with walking! Once you start, I know you'll be running around everywhere, meaning you'll most likely be falling a lot more and hurting yourself!

What else....

You have your first serious cold. You can't sleep or nurse properly because of your congested nose :( 

You like to bang on doors and stand up and lick the walls :s

You like to stand with your legs spread apart like a sumo wrestler (? lol) and lift up heavy objects off the floor. You done: 2.5 ltr water bottles, filled...and new jumbo packs of diapers with one hand. You're a very strong baby.

I made the mistake of sticking my tongue out at you one day (I was just trying to make you laugh) and you immediately copied me and kept doing it ALL day long to everyone!

Most times you act like you know that the edge of the bed is a boundary not to be crossed, but sometimes you'll just take a nose dive off and it'll stop my heart and then send me into super speed mode in order to grab you.

You love getting massages! So cute when you fell asleep while your daddy was massaging your legs and once you fell asleep while your Fupi was rubbing your back. You are also quite ticklish around your tummy and will just go into giggle fits when your daddy starts tickling you. 

You like love to suck on our spare headphones. I don't know if you think it's some sort of weird pacifier but you stick it in your mouth and suck on it and crawl with it in your mouth. I'm guessing daddy and I will never be able to use that.

You're a cute baby way. Whenever your Daddy or I are making something for you with your Lego...or your Daddy and cousin are doing puzzles, you like to go right in and just break it all up! And if they start'll return with a vengeance. Oh, how many Lego buildings have been smashed and bulldozed with your adorable little fists.

You are not always so aggressive and destructive. You show much grace when it comes to waving your hands in the air. You're so beautiful when you do you just realized you have hands and they are just so marvelous and you can move them in so many different ways! Now you do more of a twirl the Queen :)

You are around 16 and a half pounds and have been in the 16 pound range for the last 2 months+ . No matter how much I try to nurse you or feed you, you just won't have more than you want, so you've only gained a few ounces per month. I miss my chunky baby :(

But you do love to eat different kinds of food, just like your daddy and I. Whenever we are eating something you try to take the food of our plate and get so happy when we allow you to. You love multi-grain bread, steamed carrots and plain rice.

Also, you've completely rejected Mousey, who you only warmed up to a few times. Now you have a new bedtime buddy that you absolutely love and use every night - hippo blankie. 

Oh! Serious birthday planning is going on! For your 1st birthday! Can't wait! But yes, I can.

Love you Forever,

Asleep after a massage from her Fupi


Yusra.K said...

OMG i can't get over how PERFECT that picture is, mashallah <3
im saving it in my ipod right now !

Afsana K said...

hhaah, you can discipline her, but we are her to spoil her..!
lmaoo, she licks the walls!!
aww, she actually eats all that? that's soo good!

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