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November 25, 2010

Happy American Thanksgiving! What's your list?

Totally forgot about the Canadian Thanksgiving since I'm here in Bangladesh this taking the American date to do some reflection. I know that we should always be thankful, but not all of in most of us aren't in the thankful mindset everyday. I love that Thanksgiving gives me an opportunity to reflect on everything that's happened to me and all the things I am thankful to God for. Here's my 10 things I am thankful for this year -

I'll start my list with the 2 people I actually, consciously, do give thanks for EVERYDAY:

1. I am most grateful for My Daughter - she brings soooo much happiness into my life. Even before she wakes up, she starts of my day by filling my heart with love and pride. I stare at her and think about how tiny she still is, how precious, how beautiful. Seriously, not saying this because she is my baby, but this child is STUNNING when she is sleeping. She's like the non-Caucasian-dark-haired baby version of sleeping beauty. God bless her beauty...honestly, I wonder how she is so beautiful. I mean I'm cute most days, pretty when I didn't have the extra 50 pounds and I guess when I was slimmer, and I bothered to fix myself up I could do gorgeous for a few hours....but on the average best day I was plain pretty. Sunvi is adorable, when he fixes himself up he can be sexy too...but most days...he is like me...plain pretty (male version). So how did we make a baby who looks so darn stunning sometimes that it actually stuns me?! Lol
And no matter how horrible my day is...I go to sleep at night with my heart filled with love and pride and happiness because of my daughter. We usually have play time before nursing and then bedtime...and oh how I love those play times. The three of us in bed...Sunvi making funny faces or tickling Arissa, her giggling and rolling around the bed. Perfect moments.

2. I am also incredibly thankful for my husband. We have our fights, I have moments where I just to rip my hair out (or his!) because of something he said or didn't say or did or didn't do. However, for every time he makes me feel that way, there are 10 times more moments where he makes me smile or laugh or blush. I am really thankful that this man tolerates my insanity and need to control everything. And he honestly really really tries his best at everything he does for me and our daughter. Many men think parenting is the mothers job (read more here), that they can just be on the side lines and be the fun spoiling parent. NOPE! I won't allow that. Yes, Sunvi is the more 'fun' parent. But we both agree that parenting is an equal partnership, we will stand by each other when we need to discipline Arissa. I love that he understands how important I feel being on same page is when it comes to parenting and I love that he understands where my drive to work so hard for Arissa comes from.

I'm also grateful that Sunvi is like me; most days we love being at home...lazing around, watching TV shows we both love, cuddling. I don't know what I would have done if he had turned out to be a party-going. spending more time with friends kinda husband. Also neither Sunvi nor I can go to sleep angry. I love that no matter how big our fights, we make up at the end, kiss each other and hold each other even tighter when we go to sleep that night.

Other things I am grateful for:

3. Sisters who are ALWAYS there for me

4. A mother whose voice is ALWAYS so comforting

5. A father who during his life, taught me so much about GOODNESS and also about being a great parent

6. Abbi who take care of those I love but am far away from

7. Books (in general but especially Harry Potter and LOTR series); and grateful for my ability to appreciate everything about books - the smell of books, the feel of books

8. For caring in-laws who really love us

9. My fancy Camera

10. The INTERNET (honestly, I live out of a room in my in-laws house...the internet keeps me connected to the outside world...a little sad but I deal with it)

I'm sure there's more I could find to be grateful for but for now, I am going to end with being grateful for having so many things to be grateful for! Take a moment...think about it. What are you grateful for this year? More importantly WHY are you grateful for those things?

Pilgrims and Natives sitting together and giving thanks...I thought this image was soo sweet, obviously a less detailed more flowery depiction, kid-friendly version, but still so sweet

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