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November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I'm far away from her this birthday...and so I miss her even more than usual. 
Even though we've had many arguments and even though I don't always agree with her...she is still my mom, my ma, my ammu, the woman who gave birth to me...the mother who has loved me all my life. 

This year, I want to thank her for being there for being there for me when I was ready to pop. For the long (forced) walks to help move things along...for the home cooked meals that I no longer had the energy to make. 

I want to thank her for standing there by my hospital bed, praying, while I screamed and cried. I want to thank her for her comforting 'motherly' presence the hours before I was to become a mother. I want to thank her for holding Arissa ever so gently while she nursed at my breast; I was too tired to hold her myself. 
I want to thank her for running to the nurses station with Arissa when she had turned blue. I was in bed and Sunvi had no idea what to do. Mucous and fluid had suddenly started pouring out of Arissa's nostrils and mouth. So yes, that day could have been so scary...I thank her for her quick 'experienced' mommy reflexes. 

I want to thank her for being there for her granddaughter. I was still recovering, and Sunvi and I were both still new to the whole parenting Arena. Arissa had severe was my mother who stayed up at night trying to get her to sleep, who tried to save my sanity after going days without any sleep. It was my mother who helped me give Arissa her first bath and who held her and rocked her for hours when we went shopping...HOURS literally. I still can't do that and I'm her mother. My mom was the one Arissa loved being held by the most when she was just a tiny little newborn.

I wish her little angel and I could both be there to give her a hug and a kiss...I love my mommyyyyy

Mom...I hope you know how grateful Sunvi, Sunara and I am that you were born! :P Oh and you still look too young to be a grandma!! =D


Afsana K said...

Ammu read this and she was very happy you wrote this !!....she was almost in tears and she misses you guys soo much..and wishes she could hold sunara, just like in the pics.

Antara said...


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