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December 22, 2010

9 Month Birthday Letter!

Dear Arissa,

You are 3/4 of the way to your 1 year birthday! You're growing up so fast but getting there in much style! You've got so much spunk and attitude and personality...where do you keep it all? ...I mean, You're so tiny!! 
Alright well, (will try to do this quick...have lots to do) this last month, Mummum has been kind of blue, and you've been kind of difficult. You keep changing things up on us just when we think we've got a routine going. At the beginning of your 8th month, you used to fall asleep by 10pm and wake up at around 10am...of course with 3-4 wakings in between for some milk. So, I didn't get uninterrupted sleep...but we had a schedule and I was able to sleep in with you till 10. A week in, you decided not only to start waking up at 12am...after 2 hours of sleep at 10pm, but you also decided you didn't want to fall asleep on Mummum's chest anymore, you wanted to be rocked to sleep by Daddy. Fine, after a week, we got the hang of things and decided to go with the were sleeping at 1-2 ish and waking up at 12-1 ish and being rocked to sleep by Daddy. Then you changed again, you refused to sleep by 2am (:s) and sometimes went till 3-4, even 5 in the morning, just rolling around in bed, or wanting to play. Whenever we would try to put you to sleep and turn on the lights, you would throw your head back and cry and cry till we turned the lights on. Then you smiled and waited for us to play with you. Then few days later, you decided you no longer wanted Daddy to rock you to sleep, and now you wanted Mum to hold you and rock you for almost half an hour before you would fall asleep. Where do you get all this energy??? I mean you crawl/run around in your walker ALL day long and you don't even nap long how come you have all this energy to keep your eyes open at 3am!? Neither your Daddy nor I were so active or restless as children and we both love a good nap why is it you fight sleep so much? Anyways, I've decided we are going to do lights out at 9pm once your fupi and cousin leave and if you don't like it...then too bad! :P
Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in the last letter, you give kisses! When you were 7 months old, I spent a half hour teaching you how to give kisses by giving you countless ones and saying 'kiss kiss' while I did. You got it pretty quick and would open your mouth and give you sloppy wet gummy kisses. I was so proud! And then everyone in the house started copying me and got you to give them kisses too! And soon after, you got bored of giving kisses. You've also figured out how precious your adoration is...Now, you'll only do it if you're in a generous mood.
You are picky about giving kisses...and you're also picky about getting kisses. Only when you are in a good mood do you like being smooshed and kissed and squeezed! Other times, you will turn your face away. Sometimes you'll even get upset and scream or cry when your Daddy kisses you. I guess his stubble makes it worse. One day your Daddy got frustrated and said to you, "Fine, you don't let me kiss you now... but when you're 16 years old, if you let boys kiss you, I'll be very upset...and you will be in big trouble!" Lol.
When you get mad, you go 'aaaah ahhh aaaah' and crawl away to the door. Its hard to believe someone so tiny, understand so well how to show her anger or frustration; you don't just use your voice, you use tone, and body and motion to show it.
You took your first steps at the beginning of this month. It was sudden and it was awesome! You've done it about 4 times since then, where you've taken a whole step forward and then stood for about 2 secs before falling onto your bum.
You climb stairs like a pro!...On your first attempt, you were up 2 floors!!! Like you had been doing it for so long, like you were soo familiar with stairs (which your not because we don't have them inside the home). And now, you crawl to the door and bang on it to tell me you want to go out and climb stairs and crawl about. 

Other things you've been doing this month:
You love the running around in your walker... you explore the whole house by yourself at your pace and you love that freedom. It took you a day to figure out how to maneuver and backup and brake and we think teaching you to drive a car will be a piece of cake! :p

You say a few words, well you imitate like a parrot. Once I was reading you a book and said duck...and you said duck!...Then another time your Daddy was saying ball...and you suddenly said ball. You've also hi and bye (kinda) and you say bhai to your cousin. 

I don't get why you don't like playing with dolls or other girly toys. You love cars and robots and building blocks and all that boy stuff. You like chasing a ball with your Daddy and watching him play soccer. Tom Boy in the making?

Sometimes, you'll press something on our laptops and bring up the craziest things. Once you brought up what looked like programming codes or something I have no idea about but it looked pretty darn complicated. And you sat in front of my mac typing away. Baby computer programmer? And on your path to become a baby computer genius, you are breaking my macbook!!! You've already done something to the charger area because it no longer charges properly, there are cracks all over the place..and you've ruined a few keys :( ...and you are so very determined in everything you do that no matter how many times I move you away from the laptop you will come back to it immediately. I even try to put it out of your reach and you will crawl over to try to reach it and when you can't you scream at it as if to tell it to come over to you. Sometimes after the 3rd or 4th attempt at getting some computer time and me pushing you away, you come back with so much fury and plow your way through my arms only to get to the computer and slam the lid shut!! Its like you're saying to me "Well Mommy, if you're not going to let me use it, then you can't use it either!" This attitude is adorable now...I wonder how I'll feel about it when you're a teen! :s
You've got 3.5 teeth now. And you bite with all of them while you're feeding :( ...Oh how it hurts, and I can't even yell at you. And when you smile, you stick those beautiful bottom white teeth of yours and smile. almost like you purposefully stick your bottom gum out to show those pearly whites. 

Lastly, people keep calling you a little doll...they just think you are so incredibly beautiful and're almost too unreal... you are our little baby doll. 

Love you Forever, 

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Afsana K said... cute! lol maybe shes gonna play soccer, like promy :P. She probably watches Wasek and sees what he plays with loll....
ahww i wish she could give meee kisses rit now ! ! :(
Happy 9 Month Birthday Sunara!! :D

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