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January 23, 2011

10 Month Birthday Letter

Dear handful, trouble-making, energizer Kangaroo,

 You are 10 months old now. Gosh, you're almost 1 years old...2 months...2 small small months away and my baby is going to be a 1 year old! Why do you insist on growing up so fast?? Forget all the physical milestones you like to charge ahead and reach, this month you've shown us how incredibly bright and intelligent you are. No seriously, you are one really smart baby...I'm not saying so because you are my baby...if we could truly test a baby's IQ (of course, having such a test would be preposterous)...I KNOW you would be in the 95th percentile for sure. You are such a quick learner (but we knew that from the get-go) and your Daddy seems to want to take all the credit for that. "She's got my smart genes." he'll say proudly. How do we know you are so smart? Well during the 9th month of your life:

You can find the tiny caterpillar on each page, each and every time we read one of your favorites, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. All we have to do is ask..."Where's the caterpillar, baby?" And you'll take your tiny little finger and out it out on each page.
You love being read to. Your current favorites include the Hungry Caterpillar, Daddy Kisses, Mommy Hugs and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

You recognize so many things now. Like, if we ask...."where's your paci?" or "where's your blankie?" or "where's the beekoot (your way of saying biscuit..your gerber toddler biscuits)" you will first look for it, once you spot'll crawl/walk over and grab it and hold it up triumphantly as if to say "here it is mommy!"

You understand what I mean when I say will hand me whatever I am asking for...but that isn't the 'brilliant' part. Its the next thing.

Sometimes, I do a few brain games with you and each time you pass with flying colors. Ex. I would take 3 blue balls and 1 red (or yellow or green) ball and point out all the blue balls, repeating this a few times. Then I would say, "Give Mummum blueeee ball" and you would pick up one of the blue balls and hand it over. First time you did, I thought it was a coincidence that you picked up the blue ball. So next time, I put 2 blue balls and 2 red (yellows/greens) and asked for a blue ball again. Again you carefully looked at the balls, and looked back at me...then back at the balls and then picked up a...BLUE BALL! I was ecstatic! The next day, we tried something a bit different. I put 3 blue balls and 1 red ball. I repeated what each was and then asked for a blue ball. You gave me the blue ball. I then left that ball out and repeated the colors of the other 3 balls - 2 blues and 1 red. This time I asked you for the red ball. And sure enough, you slowly placed your hand over the red ball, thought for 2 seconds and then picked it up and looked at me to see if you were right. I'm sure all my claps and hugs and kisses told you that you were!

Your Fupi and cousin Wasek left for Canada few days after your 9 month birthday. You were so sad the next day. You even called out to Wasek calling him "Bhai". You learned something new too. When we ask you, Where's Wasek or Where's Bhaiya? now point towards his picture that's hanging on the wall. Same with you Fupi's and Daddy's pictures on the wall. You know its them and when they aren't physically present in front of you, you'll turn towards their pictures and point to them. You also recognize your grandmother and grandfather as Daadi and Dada. 
A Week after your Fupi left, you Daddy went to a city outside Dhaka with students from his University for a course called LFE. It broke my heart to see you crawling around the house, saying "bab bab bab bab" looking for you Daddy. I left so terrible, because people you love were suddenly gone and you didn't know why except that they had left you. I decided we had to go to your Daddy before your separation anxiety grew worse.

We spent 10 days in the countryside (I guess that's what you would call it). We went to a place called Proshika; You thrived there. Suddenly, you were surrounded by fresh air and nature... all those trees and birds, cats and dogs, all around you and you loved it. You hated being in our room and would scream and cry to go outside. When we weren't rolling you around in your stroller, your Daddy wonderful students were trying to get their chance to hold you and take pictures with you. You know, you have this magnetic quality. People automatically gravitate towards you and then they just can't get enough of you. I mean all babies are cute...but were treated like a celebrity. Paparazzi snaps going off all around you and you always had your diva-like-I-won't-smile-for-you-cuz-I'm-too-good-for-you look on. However, some of Daddy's persistent female students realized the trick to letting yourself be held was that they had to keep you distracted and interested when they took you. So these sweet girls, walked around with you, pointed things out to you, showed you birds and flowers, even kicked around a ball with you. And sometimes, you loved these girls enough to NOT want to come back to Daddy or Mommy! What happened to your stranger anxiety right? Well, for the most part, you are extremely attached to us (and that's a wonderful means you recognize us as your parents...that we are always there for you), but you also become a slightly more 'social' baby and warmed up to the majority of the students there, letting yourself be held...your pictures be taken without you squirming to get free. 
This letter would be way too long if I tried to tell you everything about the wonderful time we spent with that group, so I'll stop....but I have a whole bunch of pictures to show you once you grow up and many more little anecdotes that go along with them :)

What else have I learned about you during your 9th month?

You love love love music. You hear music and you try to dance. Once the music ends and your dancing clap! Its way to freaking adorable! 
Every time you see music with lots of beats...your tiny tush starts moving, you legs start jumping and you wave your hands in excitement. When you hear softer music...a sing along (which you've been doing for many months now) and you hold a note for so long. I think piano and vocal lessons may be a part of your future!

You love saying b words. Ball, Bhai, bye, Bab Bab, say doodh when you want milk.

You love a game of hide and seek and understand fully that just because you can't see something, doesn't mean its not there. 

You can take 2 steps before falling down. You love walking around holding furniture. But whenever you try to take more than 2 steps unsupported, you fall. You fall because you stick your tummy out and try to go on your tippy toes. Upon observing this, your Daddy was very upset with me for agreeing to get you the walker. And I see his point. You totally would have been full on walking by now if you weren't trying to do it like you were in the walker. So we have stashed away that toy for now. You did love that thing though. Ran around the entire house in it. Discovered corners and spaces you didn't know you could get to. Ah well, your still ahead of the average 9-10 month old. 

You've learned how to climb onto furniture that you can haul your leg over and you've learned to climb down from any furniture too! More tension for Mommy! You turn your body around, bring your bum to the edge of the bed ...hang one leg over...then the other ...slide your belly down and drop onto your toes. One day, you didn't know how to do it and would wait at the edge of the bed for us to put you down and then suddenly one day you were doing a pro. You're like that with everything. So quick. Learning to sit, crawl, stand, climb stairs...everything except walking, you learned in less that 3 tries. Your a natural at everything and I'm sure once you figure out (once you actually WANT to only walk instead of crawl)'ll be that baby that's always RUNNING around everywhere! By the can walk all cute and wobbly holding my hand. One hand from Mommy or Daddy and you're a happy walker. :)

What else?...oh, You eat pretty much everything we eat now. Of course, I'm careful not to give you much salt...nothing with sugar (except fruits, breads etc...) and nothing fried. But other than can eat anything...and you love eating anything we give you. This also makes your Daddy really really proud :P

Another thing that makes him proud?...You can lift a 2 litre bottle all by yourself. 

You get really excited when you see another baby/toddler. You keep gesturing us that way so you can go socialize and interact with the child, but usually these babies/toddlers get so freaked out by how aggressive you are that they shy away. Whatever! You're too cool for them anyways :P LOL....and to all the people who say my baby is unsocial...she tries to interact with people close to her own age and even they can't keep up with her and you think she's going to be unsocial because she doesn't care to be handled by a strange adult!

Lastly, your Piumoni, Promoni and Nani sent you a whole suitcase full of stuff! Yeah! Christmas came a little late for you this year but boy did it come! You got everything from new pacifiers and blankies to books and clothes and snacks and toys ...even a little princess ice pack because you keep banging your head at least once a day. You're really lucky to have aunts and a grandma who are willing to send all that and more over for you from Canada. So even though these people aren't here with you right now, they love you so so much.

Alright Pumpkin Pie, its late...I'm so tired from chasing after you all day long, so I'm going to snuggle up beside you now before you wake up.

Love you forever,

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Nowal said...

"Another thing that makes him proud?...You can lift a 2 litre bottle all by yourself."
- my favorite part of the entire entry :P
Happy 10th month Sunara :)

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