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February 23, 2011

11 Month Birthday Letter :)

Dear Princess Arissa,

Yes, that is what you are, our 11 month old princess. You have the bearings of a real baby princess, the sweetness of a Disney princess and beauty of princesses that are born in a mother's dreams. You walk around our home like you know its your kingdom but you don't have a snooty-ness about you...maybe just a hint of pride...but what princess doesn't have that :p You are kind and sweet to everyone in our home, including the maids and you are cautious around strangers. You make your Daddy and Mummum feel so proud and so important, that we really do feel like a king and queen.

Remember, in the last letter, I said that I knew you would be running around once you decided it was worth taking more than a few steps at a time. Of course, I was right! About a week after your 10 month birthday, you took your first real walk from destination A to B (which was your grandmother). And a couple of days after that, you were toddling around the whole house like a little penguin training for a toddler marathon! Now you spend every waking moment just walking around from room to room trying to find something new to discover, to open or close and to observe or destroy. You run around after your Daddy while he kicks your small football up and down the hallway and when the balls happens to roll into your path, you lean your adorable little head forward, speed up, grunt from the effort and go for it...sometimes you miss the ball and you look up at us to see if we are disappointed, we never are. We clap and encourage you to take another try at it; you flap your arms in excitement and go at the ball again. Most times you kick it and its amazing to see a 10 month old kick a ball. You amaze us...more than anything in this world, everyday =)

You make me even more proud and happy because you LOVE books...but that you'll read about it another post (hopefully, if I can find time from running around after you, to write the over a dozen blogs I've planned to write!)

I try my best to keep electronics use to a minimum around you...I want you to experience the world without the constant distraction of a blaring TV. However, just like every other baby born in this generation, you are fascinated by technology. You've figured out what the darned remote you like pressing it. You have a little projector which you can turn on by turning the knob. You like walking over to the phone, pressing the speaker button and then turning it off...and on and off until you get bored and turn it off and leave. You love flip cell and and close...and the non-flip like when the screen lights up in front of your face after you've pressed god knows what button and called your Daddy's colleague whose name doesn't even start with an A. Yes you did that at 11pm one night.

During the first 4 months of your life, you were very intrigued by the TV. All the faces, colors and sounds. Soon after you lost interest, and I was to be honest quite relieved. By then your colic had disappeared, and I didn't need the TV to distract you for a few minutes so I could do something else. By then you were already sitting up and playing with toys (yeah you're pretty awesome). And I was relieved because I hate the idea of you being one of those 3 year olds...or 10 year olds..who sits in front of the TV for HOURS and HOURS throughout the day. Well a couple of weeks ago, you were playing with the remote with your back turned to the TV. You flipped to a channel that was showing The Princess and the Frog, heard the music, turned around (of course you turned around to LOVE music, songs and are always shaking your booty to them) and SHRIEKED! why? You watched the green frogs, hopping around, singing and dancing. You recognized the frog from your books Daddy Kisses and Brown Bear Brown Bear, which have similar looking green frogs and couldn't contain yourself surprise and pointed and jumped and clapped you hands and pointed and screamed and went closer and pointed and screamed again! This lasted till we had to turn the TV off from fear that you'll exhaust yourself or your voice will break. Everyone in the house couldn't stop laughing at the adorable spectacle you put on. Moments like those...that happen out of nowhere...are the reason why I love spending ALMOST EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY WITH YOU :)

I'm not sure who it was...either your grandfather or your Daddy, but both of them play horsey with you sometimes and they say "Togo Togo" as in the sound horse hooves make when they are running. You figured out you could imitate the sound and just galloping away with it. For four straight days, all you said was "togotogotogotogotogotog" and when we thought you had finally stopped after hours of walking around and saying it, you took a deep breath...said aaaaah and started again..."aaaaah togotogotogotogo....aaaah togotogotogotgo" LOL you're too funny!

You get really annoyed when your grandmother, grandfather or Daddy come home and don't pick you up and give you lots of attention immediately. 

You already share your food... are such a sweet heart. When you're eating, sometimes you'll come over and place a puff or a piece of biscuit in my mouth. When I'm feeding you and there's nothing within arms reach for you to give pretend to have food pinched in between your tiny index finger and thumb and insist I pretend eat it. The first few times you even demonstrated how I had to 'pretend' eat by smacking your lips together indicating I should do that too. Few times, you've shared with both your Daddy and I - first you fed him, then me and then yourself, then him again, them me and you again...and this kept going till we insisted that the puffs are for you and you should have it. After that you fed us one each one last time and proceeded to shove a handful of the puffs into your mouth before you finished snacking. See 10 months and already you share...(K)

You recognize so many words now. Almost everything around the house. A few days ago you also said bath and light. 

One day I asked you where the flowers were...and you pointed to the balcony (where the flower pots are). I then drew a little flower in my hand and showed it to you. You liked it so much; all smiley and everything. So I thought, OK I'll draw a flower on your hand (your first tattoo!...and ONLY one unless you get those stick on ones...which I'll permit depending on what it it). Your reaction to a flower on YOUR hand was so different from the reaction you had seeing it on MY hand. You were awed and a bit confused. You turned your hand around over and over to look at it...sometimes you would forget it was there and when you would would use your other hand to turn that hand over and use your fingers to clumsily trace the flower. You were all serious...walking around with the tattooed hand elevated as if I had given you responsibility of making sure nothing happened to that flower. It was so cute to watch you.

You can't go to sleep at night without me beside you. We tried tricking you one day; I slowly slipped out of bed in the dark and told your Daddy to stay beside you while I went to finish my book. After about 5 minutes you realized I was gone, and rolled around the entire a drunk sleepy baby looking for me. When you realized I wasn't in any four of the corners of the bed you started crying. I came back and 5 minutes later you were fast asleep :) 
In the last 2 hours, as I am writing this, (and reading a book) you've woken up 3 times...once to nurse and twice because you sensed I wasn't there beside you.

We celebrated your Daddy's birthday and your 11 month birthday at the same time. I'll add a picture here once I've uploaded it to the computer.

Anyways, Happy 11 months again Baby Pumpkin Princess. 1 more month till you are 1. Birthday planning has commenced and Daddy and I will do our best to make sure our princess gets a wonderful big birthday party. We wish we could do so much more...we wish we could get a real castle and sit you on a throne because in our eyes you deserve no less. I know you'll hate the party because you'll hate the hoards of strangers coming up and trying to hold you and hug you but hopefully you'll grow up and look at the pictures and the videos and appreciate the celebration of you turning 1.

Love you forever,
Mommy (the Queen :p)

P.S You now give the cutest smile ever. All crinkly nosed and teeth showing (you have 7!)...Its the best smile in the whole wide world, full of joy, laughter and mischief. See - 

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