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November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011 with my Pumpkin

Man oh Man! Another 4 months... a really had not planned on another break, it just happened. I've just been so busy since I moved back to Canada at the end of July and I had spent all of July packing and shopping and preparing for the move.
More on how Arissa and I spend our days here later.

Now - Halloweeeeeen! :{} Here's a whole bunch of pictures for you guys.

Arissa's first pumpkin carving!

Mr. Pumpkin gets a face!

And then we murdered him - Hannibal Lecter style :S

My sister looks way too happy to be pulling Mr. Pumpkin's 'brains' out!
Arissa wanted to help...
She thought it was gross!
Guess what we did with the 'brains'? We roasted them! Yummm... roasted pumpkin seeds :P

Mr. Smiley Face Pumpkin :)
After we put it out him out on the front porch, Watch Arissa's reaction...she wasn't certain whether she wants to touch it or not
Look Mummum!

" I allowed to touch?"
Getting the little bits of pumpkin of her hands

Our halloween decorations

Photo session out in the front with Mr. Smiley Face Pumpkin...she thought the little pumpkin candles were tiny tea cups :p

Offered me some :)

 Another photo session in her costume - pink kitty cat!

We had TWO cats in the house that day :) Arissa really enjoyed her cat costume.

When I told her to meow like a cat - she took her 'paws' out and went "MEOW!" lol ..look at that smile. 

Soon after, trick-or-treaters came around and one kid in a the-white-masked-killer-from-Scream costume scared Arissa and she flipped out! Like completely flipped out and she refused to wear her second costume - Winnie the Pooh and she refused to go outside. Poor baby was so scared she kept screaming "Cry Cryyy" every time she saw a scary costume and then she would start crying. (I love that she decided to warn me before each cry session). So we went home and gave out candy; every time a scary costumed kid came around we blocked Arissa's view and when a cute costumed kid came by we let Arissa get up and say hi, which she happily did. Here are pictures from the rest of the night.

Trying to see if there's another masked monster at out door :(
Serving the stash of candy-JUNK (yes its yummy, but its still junk...Arissa will get a handful at most) my sister brought home for their niece.

She so cute... she only asked for the smarties because she recognizes that as chocolate ...she just played with the rest of the candy. She thought these were regular balls :p
 Then she started sorting all the lollipops...just for fun... she has never had a lollipop in her life.. It was adorable watching her search through the candy to find them...she found all of them too :)
In case you have the patience to go through even more halloween pictures, I'll be uploading them to facebook soon and will post a link here as well.


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