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January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions 2012

How did you guys spend New Year's Eve? I did nothing special, but it was still a fantastic day! The hubs and I went out on our first alone date since he came back here. We went out to eat, then watched Tintin at the movies and then we went out to eat again. We sat there and laughed and talked and held hands, took little breaks to call my mom and check up on our daughters and when we were told she was fine, we breathed a sigh of relief and continued to lavish in moments togetherness.
At night, my mom dragged us to a New Year's eve party and Arissa started getting really cranky at around 11pm. So we took her into the bedroom, all three of us smooshed together on the twin bed with our little angel sandwiched in between us. When we heard the countdown outside the bedroom, Sunvi and I looked up over our daughter's head and smiled at each other in the dark and when the countdown ended we leaned over Arissa and kissed each other and then we gave Arissa a dozen very quiet kisses on both cheeks. It was quiet, it was boring, it was simple, it was wonderful. I don't really get the whole, going partying and getting hammered with a bunch of people watching you be stupid. I like to start the New Year with family, the people that matter the most.
And I love the feeling of a fresh start, new beginning. So every year, I end up making New Years resolutions and thinking to myself, rather reflecting on all the things I would like to improve in my life.

Last year, I kept my resolutions simple (read here) and for the most part I was able to stick to them. I am definitely more patient than I was before; still wouldn't be classified as a patient person, I'm getting there. I am shocked sometimes at how patient I can be with Arissa, because sometimes she can do things that would have driven me nuts before, but I find myself laughing or picking her up and hugging her instead of yelling and getting angry.
I am more organized this time around, everything in my room has its place, just sometimes I get lazy and don't put things back in those places and Arissa doesn't help either. Every time I tidy a section of the room and move onto the next, I'll look back and see her taking everything out and making a whole big mess (situations like this I exercise patience :). And my last resolution was positive living - I'm a natural worrier, yet I do believe I try to always keep a positive attitude, specially for Arissa. There are brief, rare moments when things seem too hopeless but I remind myself of the best thing in my life and ask myself if I loved her plenty that day, if I fed her healthy foods that day, if I played with her and read to her...if I have then I forget the bad stuff and smile. It was a good day and I look forward to the next one.

This year I've decided on these resolutions. So here they are, nothing original, nothing special, somethings that can still be improved:

1. Continue being the awesome Mother that I am :p - I'm not perfect or great, but I make an effort. Every single day I make an effort to be better for my daughter. I spend so much time with her, I do my research and make sure the choices I make for her are the right ones. I just want to be present in her life, everyday loving her and making her smile, showing her how to be a good person, instilling good values in her, enriching her life with new and wonderful experiences. My baby comes first always always always.
2. Go Vegan - I've been a vegetarian for almost a year now, and I feel better for it, both with my health and ethically. I feel veganism is the next step for me and if I find it doesn't work for me I'll go back to vegetarianism but I am really looking forward to detoxing my body and losing more weight and just becoming a healthier person physically, emotionally and spiritually. I'm also looking forward to being more active.
3. Read more, Write more - I do read a lot, but there are still dozens of books I have on my shelf that I haven't had the chance to read yet. Write more because I love to write, be it scribbling in my little notebook or trying to get coherent thoughts onto this blog. Make myself wake up a little earlier every morning, so I can get some of these done.
4. Organization - I add this again, because it still needs a little work. I love lists and calenders and agendas. I just need to make a habit of writing down what needs to be done and doing just a little bit everyday instead of too much in one day.
5. Pray - and by pray I don't necessarily mean in any specific way (although that is part of it), I don't need to a religious person to be a good person. I want a more spiritual connection to God, to his creations, to earth (wow that sounds hippy-ish even to me :p).
6. Don't let others put me down for my Choices and never apologize for having an Opinion - most people don't understand me. They don't understand my food choices, my lifestyle choices, my parenting choices. Even when I try to explain it to them, they give me a weird look and you know what? I don't care. I have my opinions, and 99% of the time a lot of thought and research go into my choices. I will share them with the world but if you don't like them then look the other way. If I, in some way hurt you with my opinions then point it out to me in a sensitive and civilized way and I will respectfully apologize. I'm happy, let me be happy, you stay happy with your choices and by all means share them.
7. Appreciate the little things that make me happy and Find more of these little things - heck, not just little something new and exciting, something that fills my life with joy and laughter. Maybe learn something new.
8. Stop shopping for things Arissa doesn't really need in the immediate future - I have clothes and shoes for her for 2-3 years from now and considering I really don't have a lot of money, I need to learn to be more Frugal
9. This year, make more Memories, create new family Traditions, Celebrate every occasion you can and take lots and lots of Pictures

I know I'll be spending most of this year away from my Sunvi but I still plan on making the most of every day of it (oh, also I need to remind myself to not freak out about the world ending this year :s). Happy New Year everyone!

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