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January 1, 2013

A post for the New Year

2012! Reading people’s Facebook status about how 2012 has been a roller coaster ride and thinking the exact same – Highs and Lows.

Moving to Bangladesh was really the start of all the high and lows. As comfortable as I was in Canada, I missed my husband terribly and Sunara hasn’t been as happy as she has since she got her Daddy back but being here has made me very sick, like chronic conditions and I miss my sisters and mom and Canada in general.  Oh and did I mention the Dengue, probably the WORST thing about 2012, which has just screwed up my health so badly, but I hide it all well….only my dear classmates from MPH know what I have been going through. And that brings me to:

Reluctantly starting grad school - being sick, taking care of an attached and demanding toddler while trying to ace all your courses is not easy and I’ve been riding the stress wagon since. However, made some amazing new friends (some of you I know will be my friends forever :) and met wonderful, bright people who support (and CHALLENGE) me through each week of assignments, presentations and tests! And as stressed out as exams make me…the A+ makes it all worth it ;) HIGH!

Wait, add to the Lows – people all over the world losing their damn minds and humanity and doing horrible things. We humans are the cruelest of species – and seeing that was really a low point for the year.

Ahh but the best thing about 2012 – My daughter! Just her…everything about her. Her learning to use her imagination during play time (dinosaur figurines have been in life and death battles, have made homes and taken care of their babies and have danced and pranced all over our home). Her memorizing the Katy Perry Song from Madagascar 3 (Fireworks), which she will always sing at the top of her lungs and it still sounds amazing to me. Her scolding me when I get angry at her Daddy (Momma! This is my Daddy, don’t Boka – meaning scold – my Daddy ever! OK? You promise me?! Promise me right now!). Her getting angry at Sunvi when he upsets me (Daddy! Why you make Momma sad?! You bad boy! You say sorry to Momma OK!). All the little ‘Sunara Moments’ make up the best of 2012.

Now, as for New Year’s Resolutions, not really making any solid concrete ones this year. I mean I don’t put pressure on myself (ANYMORE) when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, I like to just think on what I can do to be a better ME and so a better Mommy. This year, I’m going to be even better to myself and just set ONE Goal – Remember! Remember to enjoy all the little things and remember to make more time for the things I enjoy and remember to actually do things that I enjoy and remember to just be good to myself above all else (even those A+s). I saw a nice meme somewhere (can’t find it) but it says to be inspired to enjoy the more important things. So yes, I want to enjoy:

More Music
More Crazy Dancing
More Timely Sleep
More Tea
More Good Food (ahem and less eating out)
More Laughter
More Tickles
More Books
More Writing
More Movement (or any movement)
More Creativity
More Day Dreaming
More Hugs More Kisses
More Romance with the hubby
More Playtime
More Love
More Sunara
Welcome to 2012  2013 and may you all be happier and healthier and kinder :)

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